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  1. bluepill

    Microsoft and CCNA

    Are these legit?
  2. bluepill

    Cwna V3.0 Exam Starts 11/7/2005

    I just got an email from them and it says the new test is available at all Prometric testing centers. BLU
  3. bluepill


    We ran out of money. So I will get my radius up and running in August.
  4. bluepill

    Exchange Server

    We dont allow users to check their pop3 accounts because of VIRUSES. Some responsible users can. I dont recommend it. But delgadoii is right - you have to use the client and configure each individually. BLU
  5. bluepill

    New Cwna Study Guide 3rd Edition...

    I Just ordered the book too!~ Happy Reading! BLU
  6. bluepill

    Wireless Access Point

    I have to concur with my Tech brothers here. Everytime I have had an issue with my wireless (after it was set up properly) upgrading the firmware or re-installing the firmware always helped. BLU
  7. bluepill

    Pda Phone With Wifi

    I have a Blackberry thru Nextel. I have BES server behind it. It is Great! I believe you can get newer update blackberries from Cingular. (7100G)
  8. bluepill

    New Cwna Study Guide 3rd Edition...

    There are a lot of differences. A lot of new stuff. They told me that the NEW edition was more than enough to pass the current test. The test Changes July.
  9. bluepill


    I think this may interest you. The site is good also. http://www.cwnp.com/products/CWNASG.html
  10. bluepill

    Cwna - Certified Wireless Network Administrator

    No. It starts shipping on the 31st. The test will not change for another 60-90 days. BLU
  11. bluepill

    Cwna Course

    Yes. The v3 book will cover beyond what you need to pass the test before it changes! BLU
  12. bluepill

    Setting Up A Cisco Wireless 1200

    I got the help desk guy (Tech) on my back about configurations and such. He wants to do a bunch of group policies for the wireless carts to make them more secure. I think the info here and the purchase and use of LEAP and Radius are going to do the trick. BLU
  13. bluepill

    Cwna - Certified Wireless Network Administrator

    It is slated to be release in March. 60-90 after the book is release the exam will change. If you wait for the 3rd edition (they say) that this will be more than enough info to pass the current test. BLU
  14. bluepill

    Setting Up A Cisco Wireless 1200

    Would you implement this type of protection for a Mobile lab? The mobile lab card will be off until someone checks out the cart for the classroom. Once the teacher is done the laptops are placed back in the cart and the cart is unplugged and put back in the closet. The Aironet Access point is connected to the cart. Once my radius server comes then I will definately use leap. Thanks BLU
  15. bluepill

    Setting Up A Cisco Wireless 1200

    How easy is it to get a wireless anylizer? Thanks for your help. All this has prompted me to get into the wireless certs. BLU