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  1. Sameh G. Abd-elmalak

    security study مصريين

    اهلا باحسن ناس يا ريت المصريين الى بيدرسوا network security الى موجودين هنا يتجمعوا و نحاول نوصل لبعد و نساعد بعض و هبتدى بنفسى سامح من القاهرة سلام
  2. Sameh G. Abd-elmalak

    CCSP My Thoughts

    i am also prepare for snrs and it is quite painfull full of ((((((CLI)))))) i hope i can study all of them (seems a dream) . i study from cbt nuggets & cisco snrs student guide V.2 & lab guide V.2 & my lab (gns3 (2611xm router ios) , vmware with 2 machines (win server 2003 & win xp) , sdm ). my questions : 1- does cisco snrs student guide V.2 & lab guide V.2 can carry the hole operation or i need more materials and if found what is it ? 2- whats the different between 503 & 504 thank you
  3. Sameh G. Abd-elmalak

    (SNRS 642-504) & SDM

    HI all i wanna know does the CLI in the new SNRS doesn't important any more as SDM can carry every thing although i have been know lately that the new exam concern more in SDM and the CLI is extremely difficult. so i want to know does i need to study the CLI commands or no ??? and does V.2 SNRS cisco student guide carry evry thing about the new exam or no??? and if no what can i use that is so urgent to me as i prepare for the exam and i will do for it in a couple of days thanks in advance