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  1. I decided to go for my ccnp voice and I am using CBTNuggets to study for it. At home I have a cisco 892fsp (already had it), I just purchased me a 1760 router with fx0 fxs vwic-2mft-t1, and I plan on using magic jack to plug it in directly into the fxo jack. The issue I am having is how do I simulate the T1 controller. I can do the commands that Jeremy is saying to do, but it will all be for nothing if I cannot test them. Is another router needed to be purchased? OR should I use a cross over t1 cable on each of the T1 interfaces? Or is there another method of doing this that I am not seeing?
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    BCMSN port security question

    I do not get why this is the answer Given the following configuration on a switch interface, what happens when a host with the MAC address of 0003.0003.0003 is directly connected to the switch port? switchport mode access switchport portsecurity switchport portsecurity maximum 2 switchport portsecurity macaddress 0002.0002.0002 switchport portsecurity violation shutdown A. The port will shut down. B. The host will be allowed to connect. C. The host will be refused access. D. The host can only connect through a hub/switch where 0002.0002.0002 is already connected