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  1. Hi Guys, Need a help and siggestion from all you guys. I am facing a peculiar problem in our network. We have a site-to-site vpn configured on the Cisco VPN 3030 and a ASA box is behind it for NAT/PAT config. The client trabsfer files to that SFTP server over the site-to-site vpn configured for them. When I put that SFTP server behind another firewall (meant to be dedicated for that project), the SFTP stalls/ halts after some point. But if the Server is on our local lan without the second firewall, then everything seems to be working fine. But a security standpoint we need to introduce the second firewall as a project requirement. Do i need to do someconfig changes or some architecture compltetely lost. Pleaseet me know if you guys have something to suggest. Thanks Niks