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  1. dgharami

    ssh tunneling

    Thank U (laf_c, talent pk, Heero) for your help and time
  2. dgharami

    ssh tunneling is the local subnet of our network here. There a Linux box on other side of the VPN on which I am allowed to set up an SSH tunnel, so I can't connect directly to this box without tunneling. How through which I could forward the necessary port(s) for 192.168.1.X? what configuration will work on other side of VPN to conncet 192.168.1.X through there cisco 2821?
  3. dgharami

    ~passed~ 70-290

    Hello moderator, i think These two points are against NDA, Additionally, you may add following details to your post: 4. Number of questions 5. Types of questions (sims, hot spots, drag & drops, multiple choice, single choice)
  4. dgharami

    ~passed~ 70-290

    I got my MCP ID one week ago now i am MCP certified hureeee
  5. dgharami

    ~passed~ 70-290

    Consolidated Passed 70-290 Topic (Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment) DO NOT REQUEST DUMPS, WHICH VERSION, OR REPLY TO THEM HERE. SUCH POSTS WILL BE DELETED Moderator's Note: Following details are recommended to post: 1. Material used (no reference to dumps), examples include: Books from Cisco Press or Sybex, Videos, Classes you attended, Instructors or Mentors, etc. 2. Learning Plan (your own story) 3. Suggestions for members Additionally, you may add following details to your post: 1. That you've passed (successfully or unsuccessfully) 2. Your score (example may look like this: 700/1000) 3. The time you had been given for the exam (not the time you personally took to pass it!) 4. Number of questions 5. Types of questions (sims, hot spots, drag & drops, multiple choice, single choice) 6. Your personal exam experience Your posts must not include: 1. Any references to dumping material of any origin 2. Requests and offers of any kind 3. Unnecessary comments like: "Thanks", "Congrats", and similar 4. live links 5. Quotes of other members. (We want your own story.) Violators: 1. Violations will be given warnings. 2. Three strikes and you will not be allowed to post here for 30-days. Chances are you worked hard and studied for months for your certification. Let's give everyone else the opportunity to earn their own integrity and dignity just like we did. Thank you for your co-operation. Hi to all, i passed the 70-290, on 24-june matarial uesd 1)MCSE(DreamTech) good book for exam 2)Microsoft 70-290 book for reference 3)CBT nuggets 4)Over 2 year of experience on windows environment Question are based on real time scenario i am still waiting for Microsoft conformation letter, can any one tell me when i will get that !!!! Plz do not ask me for dumps
  6. dgharami


    Re-Upload DarkFiber's OSPF files in PDF Format OSPF.pdf LSA_Structure.pdf Hope this will work !!!!!
  7. dgharami


    DarkFiber's EIGRP_CCNA in PDF Format EIGRP_CCNA.pdf
  8. dgharami


    DarkFiber's RIPv2_CCNA in PDF Format RIPv2_CCNA.pdf
  9. dgharami


    DarkFiber's IPv6 file in PDF Format IPv6_ccna.pdf
  10. dgharami


    DarkFiber's files in PDF Format OSPF.pdf LSA_Structure.pdf
  11. dgharami

    Frame Relay connectivity issue

    Thanks for U R valuable suggestion "tunerX & martinlo"
  12. dgharami

    Frame Relay connectivity issue

    R1 is a Cisco router was providing Frame Relay connectivity at a remote Cisco branch site. This router was replaced with a different vendor's (Juniper) frame relay router. Connectivity is now down between the central and remote site. What is the most likely cause of the problem? A. Mismatched encapsulation types B. Incorrect IP address mapping C. Mismatched LMI types Confuse with A & C, plz suggest me
  13. dgharami

    Frame relay Ip issue

    thanks thead, i got that
  14. dgharami

    Frame relay Ip issue

    Alabama#configure terminal Alabama(config)#interface serial 0/0 Alabama(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 503 broadcast Alabama(config-if)#frame-relay map ip 504 broadcast It is a multipoint frame relay configuration My question is can we use private ip address in frame relay ? as u can see those routers are situated in different city if we can use private ip address how it routed in the network ?
  15. dgharami


    Thanks Pappyaar, for U R help i learned -->Static routing is not a routing protocol. Static routing is define administratively for each and every destination you want to reach. I got that. Thanks Again