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  1. ericlaiys

    Configuring Symbol Controller

    dear nikhs9, here some guideline for you to configure symbol/motorola controller a) Use console set baud rate to 19200 type "cli", username: admin, password: superuser c) type en d) show run d) look for the interface me-ip address. If i'm not mistaken, the ip should be e) you can change the ip add or use back the original ip. f) connect using CAT 5 to intface me and use IE to configure the rest of the setting g) http:// <ip address>, username: admin and password: superuser h) first time configuration, should set the country code i) Proceed the configuration using IE. If you want to reset the controller, on the console:- type a) cli username: restore c) password: restoreDefaultPassword
  2. ericlaiys

    CCNA Wireless

    The CCIE Wireless registration for the written exam will be available February 17th,2009 and registration for the lab exam will be available in April,2009.
  3. ericlaiys

    update on my certification revoke!

    dear charlox01, Pls refer to this link http://www.cwnp.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=16258#16258 for new updated on the Sybex book. The author just updated Chapter 17: Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Chapter 18: HT (High Throughput) and 802.11n It should help you for Exam Pw0-104. Good luck
  4. ericlaiys

    Query on Second Shot Voucher & Discount Coupon

    Hi, You need to register an exam with the Second Shot code. After you have pass the exam, then you are entitle for 20% discount in your next exam.
  5. ericlaiys

    802.11n device

    hi, Does currently the 802.11n device/chip is available to support 802.11n AP? Bythe way, does 802.11n is backward compatible with 802.11b/g/a? thank
  6. ericlaiys

    Required Hardware for CWNA LABS

    There is no lab for CWNA. This exam is not similar as CCNA Wireless whereby you need to know Cisco aironet configuration. Only theory and concept but it help you to understand the wireless better during working time. You can try to get an Access point & Wireless card for testing in your lab. If you need for CCNA Wireless lab, try networksims simulator.
  7. hi, anyone know what's simulator is available to practice/simulate Wireless devices (Cisco Aironet). pls advise thanks regards, Lai
  8. ericlaiys

    CCNA Wireless

    hi, what's the next certification path after CCNA Wireless? Which is more popular and demand in the market: CWNP certification or CCNA wireless?
  9. ericlaiys

    update on my certification revoke!

    go to this url for the new objective: http://www.cwnp.com/exams/pw0104_objectives.pdf for the changes, pls refer to http://www.cwnp.com/exams/pw0104_differences.pdf hope this help you.
  10. ericlaiys

    update on my certification revoke!

    i'm agree. Look like it is one of the marketing strategy and a second shot chance. It is like a beta test exam But you need to study again together with the new objective. Since they will refund once they have verify your new exam score, then just go ahead and give it another shot. If pass- CWNA certified If fail - wait another a year to recertify. & lost US175. Nothing to lose...Good luck and hope you can pass this exam and prove that they're wrong..
  11. ericlaiys

    Wireless Mesh Network product

    i'm from Malaysia. i've attended Cisco wlan seminar a year ago. But their product is not that high features. Since you're using Cisco, do you know how many throughput that Cisco Mesh Outdoor can support and max hop from 1 base station? I heard Strix is the best WLAN mesh product whereby they can support up to 35 Mbps even when they reach to 4 hop. Besides, Strix is using 2 radio for ingress & egress traffic Whereby most product such as Motorola, Proxim,Tropos, Firetide, etc is using only 1 radio for ingress and egress traffic. That's why the product got performance issue. By the way, since you're have deploy Aruba before, do you encounter any problem when sometimes editing the DHCP setting on the Controller? The setting revert back to old setting no matter how you configure on the Web UI. I even using the latest firmware. Finally i've decided to use CLI and manage to change the setting. Until now also i can't figure out why this issue happening...
  12. ericlaiys

    Wireless Mesh Network product

    hi, I've been deploying Mesh Network using Skypilot Networks which is currently limited to 20Mbps throughput (backhaul/ 5Ghz). I would like to know /compare which wireless mesh product is the best in the market. Pls share your experience about wireless mesh product that you're using currently. thanks
  13. ericlaiys

    CWNP chooses VUE

    for those who planning to take CWNP exam, pls take note below announcement that i got from CWNP forum:- "CWNP has chosen VUE as its exclusive proctored exam delivery provider. As of January 1, 2009, all CWNP exams will be available only at VUE testing locations. The new CWNA exam, PW0-104, is only available at VUE testing locations starting on November 3, 2008. All other CWNP exams (PW0-100, PW0-200, PW0-300, and PW0-050) are available at both Prometric and VUE locations through 12/31/2008. "
  14. ericlaiys

    guys i need help

    so what's the next action "Wait", "Appeal", "Hire a lawyer" or "forget about it"... anyone, pls share your experience..
  15. ericlaiys

    guys i need help

    I'm very curious about "notice of conduct of violation"? Can explain more in detail? What's next action from CWNP about your case?