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  1. laf_c

    User cant access the remote VPN beside ASA

    access-list 1 extended permit tcp any host x.x.x.x eq 1723 (permit PPTP service)
  2. laf_c

    User cant access the remote VPN beside ASA

    Then you have to check the VPN server configuration.
  3. laf_c

    Idle (Pfxct) BGP

    clear bgp ipv6 unicast external *
  4. laf_c

    CCIP or CCNP?

    I recommend you to take CCNP it s a bit lighter and closer to CCNA.
  5. laf_c

    User cant access the remote VPN beside ASA

    Hi, I see no VPN config in your presented configuration. So where is the VPN configured?
  6. laf_c

    snmp q

    You are right; still you have to configure the snmp server and the community for v1 or v2 versions.
  7. No worry mate; all I wanted to point is that this terrorism/alien idea it is prospering/contributing to two related elements/factors: money&power. Armament industry gives you both at once, and if you are to think that when war starts there are no other rules than your own, what could be better than this?
  8. I will never forget this quote: "There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That's one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11 ?!"
  9. laf_c

    bgp secure error

    Try: neighbor password 7 cisco
  10. laf_c

    OSPF stuck in INIT

    Ok, weirdo. There are two choices: you either troubleshoot OSPF as deep as possible, or you delete/recreate your tunnels. Sincerely I would start with the second one, but if you are keen to learn it all go with the 1st. As OSPF is established between two routers, you have to check the status on both ends, because INIT state means that the router has received a hello packet from its neighbor, but the receiving router's ID was not included in the hello packet. So check what happens on the other end, what is the state there; also check the OSPF router ID; shutdown the process then use another ID (create a loopback interface for testing purposes). Don't forget also about authentication, I suggest you to disable it and see what happens.
  11. laf_c

    OSPF stuck in INIT

    I believe your tunnel doesn't work; did you ping the other end through the tunnel?
  12. laf_c

    configuring outlook behind ISA

    Webproxy is provided by ISA? You have two choices: - you tune up the proxy so it will "NAT" also SMTP/POP3 services - you define on top of other rules a rule for all network reaching that mail server (NAT).
  13. laf_c

    LDP Outbound Label Filtering

    Hi mate, Went to this too, it doesn't work as expected. I believe it is either a misinterpretation or an unfinished feature on Cisco equipments.
  14. laf_c

    eigrp k values

    Yes it can OFFERS you the possibility to INFLUENCE routing on a local node.