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  1. Hi Guys, I've used the search function and no results for this exam. Has anyone written this exam? and how hectic was it? I'm in south africa, and writing on monday...
  2. hi guys, I wonder if there's any1 that can give some pointer's... I'm going for an interview tomorrow. it's for a junior systems engineer. Just bit nervous around what type of questions they might be asking..
  3. dumb question... is this still available?? I was told it stoppedd on 31st december???
  4. thanks alot guys for input... just have last MCITP EA exam, then CCNA it is...
  5. Hi Guys, is there a MCP - CCNA equivelant??? Or what is the order to CCNA Exams??? I am almost complete on my MCITP EA and would like to have atleast 1 CCNA under my belt...
  6. hi guys, Please can sum1 provide me info, I'm looking to get exchange 07 under my certs, however I've only worked mildly on exchange 03 and none on exchange 07... please can some1 direct in the proper guides and training that I should use? thanks
  7. passed couple hrs ago.... 1000/1000 very much still valid...
  8. does any1 know which are wrong answers???
  9. i did it today 28-1-09 and pass with 953 all question from good luck for all and thanks sadikhov how many Questions in the exam guys?? I'm just bugged abt only 87Q's in VCE... I'm writing on friday...
  10. thanks mip, sorry bout that...
  11. Hey guys, What are the job listings I can look at?? I've got MCSA 2003 and in progress of upgrading to MCITP - EA
  12. new Q's... please explain
  13. hi, i'm writing on tues... please can sum1 advise if there's a pdf version??? or explanations...
  14. is there any explainations of answers?? as to why what is what answer???
  15. hi guys... trying to prep to get back into exams for this yr... please can sum1 advise if there is a version of topcert120 for 648 with explainations?? or any other valid VCE's that have explainations. thanks