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  1. Dear all; Please note that I have the following setup: 1. Two forests that have a full two-way trust relationship, each forest has one domain. 2. In forest A, there is a web-based ERP systems that can be accessed both localy "from the internal network" and through the internet for external use. 3. In forest A, users can access the ERP localy through the webbrowser using the ERP URL "http://ERP/XXX/ 4. In forest B. users can access the ERP localy through the webbrowser using the ERP IP address http://192.168.X.X/XXX/ Now, I want users in forest B to be able to acsess the ERP using its URL "name" not its IP address... Any ideas!!! Thanks fo your help. Regards.
  2. Dear all; I am preparing for "Astaro Certified Administrator" exam, I'd really appreciate it if you can share you experience regarding his exam or any other useful information. Regards.
  3. kinan

    IT Infrastructure

    Hey all; I was wondering if you can help out with the following; I'm establishing the IT infrastructure for a company, now I want to install a storage solution and a backup solution: the company has an HO with almost 50 users, and same goes for the factory. The connction speed between the Factory and the HO is 2Mbps leased line. Now I want to install a storage and backup solutions (HP), what do U recommend/ and what more info do you require?
  4. kinan

    Job Offer

    Thank you very much for your detailed reply.
  5. kinan

    Job Offer

    Well, thank you all, the rent for a decent one bed room apartment is about 1000\1500$, as for the car, the monthly payment will be about 700$ for a nice car, regarding food prices, it is almost the same as in all GCC countries. I'll try to negotiate for housing and /OR better salary along with car allowance.
  6. kinan

    Job Offer

    Dear all; I got a job offer from an IT company in Kuwait as an "IT Project Manager", the offer is as follows: 5500$ "Monthly" + one month rent + Health insurance + yearly one ticket home! The offer didn't include housing, car allowance, Schooling.. or any other benefits.. I have a feeling that the offer is not good enough! What do U think? Please help.
  7. Well, I think several certs in different domains will be important: 1. Virtualization: VMWare & Citrix, along with Hyper-V, Certified Cloud Computing Foundations 2. Systems: MCITP Windows Server 2008, RHCE Linux 3. Networking: Cisco Certifications "CCNA, CCNP, CCIE" 4. Security: CISSP, CEH v6 5. Management: ITIL, ISO20000, PMP
  8. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone did study the "IPAPI certified process professional cpp" certification? I'd like to get any available feedback.
  9. kinan

    I passed an ITIL exam

    Hey all; passed ITIL V3 Foundation on November/6/2010, used CBT nuggets and ITIL certification kit...
  10. kinan

    Advertising Application

    Dear all; I would like to ask for your assistance in the following matter: I'm looking for an advertising application that can: 1. Split the screen in 2 section with different percentage, ie: 70% for the advertising app and 30 for the windows OS. 2. runs several types of multimedia files ie: ppt, jpg, video files...etc 3. The application should be centralized. 4. Compatible with Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 5. Can play more than one slide show in the same time. your help would be appreciated. Regards.
  11. kinan

    Necessary IT skills / knowledge ?

    Well, You should get at least the following for employers to consider you: 1. Cisco: CCNA 2. Microsoft: MCITP WinSrv2008, MCITP WinSeven: Enterprise Support Technician 3. CompTIA: A+, Network+, Security+ Good Luck.
  12. Looking for a change...

  13. kinan

    ~passed~ 70-621

    Hey all, just passed this test, I did it in order to get the MCITP on WinSrv08, anyway, I used CBT nuggets and experiance, I scored 1000. Good luck for eveybod.
  14. kinan

    Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7

    Exam 70-682: Pro: Upgrading to Windows 7 MCITP Enterprise Desktop Support Technician Published: March 23, 2010 Language(s): English Audience(s): IT Professionals Technology: Windows 7 Type: Proctored Exam About this Exam This exam is used to upgrade your MCDST XP or EDST Vista certifications to the EDST Windows 7 certification. Audience Profile Candidates for this exam should have at least three years of experience installing, configuring, and administering any Windows operating system in a networked environment and at least two years of experience providing desktop, laptop, and mobile device support. Credit Toward Certification When you pass Exam 70-682: Pro: Upgrading to Windows 7 MCITP Enterprise Desktop Support Technician, you complete the requirements for the following certification(s): MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7
  15. kinan

    Convert vce to pdf

    Step 1 Open VCE file you want to convert in Visual CertExam design mode. VCE are proprietary files, and legally, the only way to view and edit VCE files is through the Visual CertExam software. Step 2 Click "File" > "Print" > "Print to PDF" to convert your VCE file into a PDF file. Step 3 Rename your file so that you know which file is your PDF version. Also make sure that you are converting the file to the correct file extension. The extension of your file should end in .pdf. Step 4Choose a location on your hard drive where you want to save your PDF file. Click "Print" to complete the conversion process. Step 5 Open your PDF file in a PDF viewer to make sure that it has properly converted. The most common PDF viewer is Adobe Acrobat.