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  1. Dear All, I have installed Vmware ESXi in HP Proliant DL380 G7. Now, whenever I am trying to configure a guest VM [this one will also run ESXi 6], I am getting error. Please note that other VM that runs other than ESXi like linux or windows can operate smoothly. It would have been really helpful if someone could help me on this issue (Nested ESXi or nested VM). Regards// Subrata Roy
  2. Hi, I need expert opinions and suggestion for the problem as stated bellow. Suppose Operator-A [AS 1000] is connected to internet through upstream providers upstream-A [AS 500] & upstream-B [AS 600] Similarly Operator-B [AS 2000] is connected to internet through upstream provider upstream-A [AS 500] & upstream-B [AS 600] and No BGP peering between upstream-A and upstream-B. Traffic congestion period for Operator-A : 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and rest of the time the purchased bandwidth remains idle. And traffic congestion period for Operator-B : 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM and rest of the time the purchased bandwidth remains idle. Now if Operator-A wants to use the idle bandwidth of Operator-B during the peak hour and vice versa, what are the points, I need to consider? Is there any company worldwide deploying this? It wolud have been really helpful, If you can please provide a sample configuration. Thanks in advance. Regards/// Subrata
  3. mars!#@

    Monitoring user activity

    Hi I am new to site. If I do any mistake, please consider. Is there any way to monitor user activity in router such as which commands a user is providing? I need this to implement in my company. Please help me in this regard. Thanks in advance. Regards Subrata
  4. Use putty and set hostname: localhost and port no: 2000 for telnet router R0 hope this will work.