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  1. I need a little help

    i thought i'm in the right place ..... tell me something .. do i need to change the forum or what i used to get answers in the same day but now it takes weeks without answering just tell me am i in the wrong place
  2. I need a little help

    is that possible no body knows .. come on i need that info
  3. I need a little help

    hello guys, I'm new to databases and I just need to know what is that below supposed to mean • Tablespace tb_11: located in D:\ section of the database server Having 2 X 50M data files • Tablespace tb_22: located in E:\ section of the database Having 2 X 50M data files • Tablespace tb_33: located in F:\ section of the database Having 2 X 50M data files • Tablespace tb_33: located in F:\ section of the database Having 1 2 X 32M data files • Tablespace tb_44: located in F:\ section of the database Having 1 2 X 32M data files it is okay to create the tables but what the numbers mean and how do i modify or create them specially this (1 2 X 32M ) also what is the difference between ((section of the database server)) and ((section of the database)) finally >>> i think PL/SQL is enough ... but some one told me that i need other tools and he doesn't remember their names please tell me what tools can get this done other than PL/SQL thank you
  4. C++ very small program

    and for sure amazon is access denied in my country ... also i don't have a master card to buy ... my time is so tight ... i can make it myself but i told you that i don't know any thing about C++ and there is no time for that i hope you feel me
  5. C++ very small program

    i am a networking specialist, programming is not my field and i don't need to learn because i ain't got a time please solve it for me or tell me to search out of here ... i don't have a time for learning if you got me i have multiple issues concerning programming but this is only my first question ... thank you
  6. hello every body i need to program a little software as the following: the semester includes 10 students and 3 subjects 1: input student name ---- no number is allowed 2: Gender ----- it has to be M or F ... nothing else 3: input grade of T1, T2, T3 ... where T represent the subject but i need to enter a value for each T Example: T1 = 20 and this value has to be a number between 0 and 100 4: calculate the average of the 3 subject for each student to see if they pass or fail 5: finally, display the name of the highest student with his grade there is more than that but basically i need this .. please help me with that ..... because i don't understand how C++ works .... thanks in advance guys
  7. BIOS

    no man you didn't hurt my feelings actually i feel so good , thanks man
  8. BIOS

    hi guys kamtec1 --- i like you man even if you're making fun of me bluefin --- man i am an expert in computers in comparison to atomic science but i am an ignorant in atomic science in comparison to my experience relax man .. i am just curious to know something new about something that i already know i even sound like i really need help ... come on man , you don't know me but it is my pleasure to know you thanks
  9. BIOS

    hi guys, I know what i need exactly i asked for the way not for advices i used to solve hardware issues i also can flash the bios or update its firmware i am very good with hardware troubleshooting and I know that i may need tools for that issue where the PC is not showing anything but a black screen so i need to know that way because i'm tired of giving mainboards to authorized centers at least theoretically, because i always wonder how they do it ... then please just clear my thoughts , thanks
  10. BIOS

    hello every one, i have a desktop computer that doesn't work it doest not boot ever .. only black screen i figured out that the bios is corrupted and sure 1000% but i hardly need to know how to flash or update the bios if the computer is only showing a black screen I know there is a solution , but i don't know what is it ? please if someone knows how then just tell me and i'll be thankful thanks ...
  11. Adminstrative Questions

    please someone !!!
  12. Adminstrative Questions

    hello guys, I need to answer the question below,, I answered but I think i am wrong .. the question exactly : The user A1 can manage the Accounting OU using MMC from the local computer .. actually i have 5 OUs one of them is the accounting OU and it contains 5 users so one of these users should be able to manage the OU using MMC My answer was open the OU properties --> Managed by tab --> Add the user ( A1 ) but i think that they mean that i should use a GPO to get it done so please does any one know how to do it ?? thanks
  13. please tell me something .. and i got additional informations as hints ... the one who knows the solution told me that i should do something on the main DNS and a cmd command should be executed on the additional domain to take over when the main server fails .. but i dont have any idea about that .... can you please help with that as fast as you can ... please i dont have much time thanks
  14. hello every body please i need your help hardly and wisely i have to give the assignment tommorow or they will fail me ... my question is i have 2 servers on my network , one of them acts as domain controller ( Master ) the second one is an additional domain controller , when a failure occurs in domain controller (Master), what are the setup requirements to add new server as child server on this forest ????? lets consider that i turned off the master server , i think the additional one will take over and nothing would affect the network I enabled the additional domain controller to be a Global Catalog but there is no use .. the problem is ::: the main server is down .. the additional is up .. i can join the child server to the domain but i can not create the active directory on it the error msg says .. that this server could not contact the master server ... then what is the additional is used for .. i want the additional one to act as master when the master fails .... what i'm missing .. please help me i spent more than 14 hours trying to solve it but there is no use ... for sure i am doing that on Vmware or what are the steps to do it right .... please don't give me links because i made a huge research for that without any solution thank you
  15. CRC issue

    hello, i have a rar file that wont be extracted on my pc ... but it is succussfully extracted on other pcs it stops and says CRC Error ... what's the problem thanks