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  1. Hi guys, since some years I have some problems to memorize a lot of informations and here I have some trouble with the Prince 2 Foundation certification. There are a lot of documents to know, and I'm not able to remember of all so I'm looking for some tips for memorize. Do you have some methods to eat and memorize a lot of information ? How do you strucure it in your head, with a kind of plan ?. Thank !
  2. Strat

    Prince2 Exam

    Hi, I bought the official book and I planned to read it in september and try the cert one month later, does anyone have some advice regarding what's really needed to know, the difficulty, which book to read, etc ? Thank !
  3. Hi, i cleand ITIL v2 one month ago and the V3 this morming and I saw this certification. One year after, do you any value, in your job or regarding the market, to get this certification ? Is it a value regarding projet management ? I plan to do it before Prince2 because I "think" that it easyer than the Prince2 Certification and it can be a good complementary of ITIL v3 + Prince2. Thank !
  4. Strat

    A big change is going on :)

    Hi, congrats ! I live also close to Zurich and yes, there are a lot of very skilled guys in Zurich because there are a lot of HQ (IBM by example ). German is not mandatory for Zurich but highly recommended for create a good network. Be carefull also regarding the price of the flat, it's not easy to find a flat and so the price are high ! Viel spass !
  5. Strat

    ITIL v3 Foundation Course

    Hi, I'm V2 Foundation certified, I worked in Service Desk and it help me a lot to understand how an IT organisation work, what's important like the SLA, etc. I think that every employe should be ITIL v2 or V3 certified, you will be able to understand the compagny but to see also what do you like and what do you dislike, so usefull for a career for my point of view.
  6. Hi guys, I rode one books about ITIL and I'm reading a second about ITIL V2 Foundation and I will like to do the exam in Mars, well in two or three weeks. I did sme blanck test, dated from 2006, amnd did something like 10 to 8 faults, so I should be able to pass the exam. My question is, *** MODERATED *** We do not tolerate any discussions regarding braindump materials! About the exam, can I know how it will be ? I mean, so I will be front of a computer, but what happen I skip the question, can I do it later ? If I do a fault will I only loose 1 points ? Thansk !
  7. Strat

    CCNA Diary(how To Start Study?)

    I begin to study seriously the network with the Network + as introduction (even if I studied network at university), I did a long pause (about 4 month) and now I studie the CCNA with the cisco press and.. it's hard ! I'm just at the third chapter, the subnetting, and it's not very interessting for me.. specially because it's in english (I'm french) so it took me a lot of time to read all.. Does the Sybex books are really more "friendly" ?
  8. Hi, I will try to explain what is my carreer plan, my profile and my difficulties. I'm a guy of 24 years old who's currently work as IT Supporter 2lvl for big multinational IT compagny and my contract will stop in April. I have a degree in network and visual communcation, at the university of technology in France and after had my diploma I wanted to work into a network or system departement. Unfornatly I realized that with 2 years at the university I didnt learn a lot, and close to nothing for a compagny need. After checked for few month the job offer into the IT in France, I realised that I don't have the skills wanted. Actually, if I can resume, it look like that : - for a job into the network have a CCNA is a great advantage because a lot of job into networking is with Cisco products - for a job as system administrator on Windows, you need to have at lest 3 years of experience as Administrator for Server 2003 or you need to be MCSE. My problem is I don't have any certifications. So I started to read a lot of articles on the net, about Windows Server, the GPO, forest, AD, and so on. I rode a Network + book and I learned some little thing but not enought. So noy I rode the CCNA book from Sybex but after 50 pages I am a little disapointed because it's very shap, perhaps too, and I fear that I will take 3 months at least to read the book and when I will finish it I will foret all that I learned.. So what's do you advice me to do ? To read, read and read again a lot of articles about network and Wintel administration ? To focus on my CCNA first ? To focus of work some months on my CCNA and next into the Ethical Hacking certication and finaly to pass a certification about Windows Server 2003/2008 ? And finaly, last question, what are the most need of a compagny for network ? What can be a true asset for a compagny, in a other word, which skills / certif can help me a lot to get some interview ? I hope that this post was clear, if not, just say me why
  9. Thnaks but it will be hard I think, I just finished to read the book and I didn't do any blank test. And after I have to hope that I can try to pass my exam in December if I suscribe in november.. Edit : the current exam are based on the 2005 edition or on a more recent ?
  10. Hi, I started to read the Mike Meyers All In One 2005 Edition for the N+ Certifications there are about one month ago and I'm at the last chapter. The question wasn't very difficult so I went on the Comptia webiste and I saw the change for the 2009 edition. And ... OMG ! So many things was add, my version look like terribly obsolote. So I think I have to read an other book, perhaps edited in 2008, 2007 in the worth case, for be at the right level. Can you give some title of which book to read for be update ? I have somes basics network knowledge I think, this book was very difficult for me, so perhaps it can help you to conseil a book, I woul'nt like read the same things a second times. Thanks !
  11. Hi, I'm currently reading the N+ book and I lear some tips, some news, it's not very hard, sometines it's quite easy but not everytine, well it's a good book for refresh my network knowledge. I think that I will try to pass this certifcation but I feared that this certification is not recognize in my country, in Switerland. I spoke with some guys about this certification and no one knew this, they said pass your CCNA, it's better and recognize all over the world. Well, I'm a little lost but I continue to read the book and I discovered that it spoke a lot about old things, like ipx/spx, old coaxial cable, etc. Do you know if this question about all stuff are still in the exam ? Thanks for your further answers.
  12. Hi, actually I'm working at IBM for an external compagny as IT Supporter 2 lvl and I will like to work in the network team but for that it will be difficult. I just have a diploma of the university of technologie, specialites in network and visual communication and I started to work in decembre 2007. I will contact the network manager of my location and have an interview and so, I will like to prepare the question, specialies one question : what you will like to do in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years ? Personnaly I will like to work now in network administration on Windows and it will be nice if I will be able to do some delivery job. It's good to know what I will like to do now but my problem is I don't know a lot of different network work. Can give a list of different network work, with a little description . I know what I will to do in generally but I will be better if I can know more network work. Thanks for your further answers !
  13. Thanks for your advice ! Now it's time to study, I rode 3 chapters of the Network + certification and it look lile "very simple" so I will begin to learn this certfication because my MCSA book will only arrive in two weeks. I hope that the certification will easier as the very good book of Mike Meyers.
  14. I really don't know Vista as I know XP, that the problem, and I don't want to take a lot of time on the client exam. I hope that I will do the good choice but if I never start I will never finish
  15. I can be a solution but as I said I fear that he 70-270 will be retire soon.