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  1. Dear Friends, Has recently anyone appeared for CCIE Coloboration Written? Any update on this exam 400-051 ? I am planning to appear in a week. Please help!
  2. Friends, Recently have anyone of you complete this certification (Cisco IP Telephony Design Specialist)? I am planning to do this. While doing my CCVP I had completed the QOS. Can anyone tell me do I need to do this paper (QOS) again or shall I proceed with the rest of the 2 papers (UCAD & LCSAUC)?? Any study materials if you have please share with me. I appreciate your help and time.. Thank you. MOHSIN...
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  4. Mohsin Khan

    Centralised multisite topology

    Hi, 1. Since you are not going to use the CME.. MGCP will satisfy your requirement.. 2. You dont need to configure T1 PRI.. To connect to the HQ.. configure a T1 CAS and add this gateway on the HQ CUCM as a MGCP gateway.. (HQ CUCM--->HQGW)--------T1 CAS (WAN)--------->(Remote GW----?Ip Phones)
  5. Hi, have you heard about SRST in CUCM?? Its simple as making the phone work without CUCM.. So the Gateway will act as the call processor and the phones will register with the Gateway!! Check for SRST configs on the CCO Site..
  6. Hi Friends, I cleared Cisco GWGK 642-453 just before 2 hours. Thank you for the support..
  7. Mohsin Khan

    Incoming call on FXO port

    How you are calling?? Do u have an anaolg phone?? i dont think you have an option to simulate a call in MGCP..
  8. Mohsin Khan

    Incoming call on FXO port

    Hi, which gateway protocol u r using?? Is't MGCP or H323?? If it is H323 you can us the command "csim start <called number>" to simulate a call from the gateway..
  9. Mohsin Khan

    ISDN PRI issue on 2811

    What is the IOS you are running?? Also can you make sure that the telco has Ascending or Descending is configured on their end.. We need to configure the opposite to Tel-Co. If Tel-Co has Ascending in Channels then we should have Descending.
  10. Mohsin Khan

    ISDN PRI issue on 2811

    Add it on the PRI interface from which the call is been made.. interface Serial1/0:15 no ip address encapsulation hdlc isdn switch-type primary-net5 isdn incoming-voice voice isdn continuous-bchan isdn bchan-number-order ascending round-robin no cdp enable quote name='tasneem' date='May 4 2009, 03:20 PM' post='834820'] On which interface you want me to add this command ?
  11. Mohsin Khan

    ISDN PRI issue on 2811

    Hi Tasneem, Add this command "isdn continuous-bchan" on the interface.. Mohsin..
  12. Mohsin Khan

    PLZ i need an explaination of DID

    In Simple words "DID" Direct Inward Dial. In the PBX cenario, the internal calls will be routed to the extension using 4 digit or 5 digit extensions based on their requirement. The outside callers will reach directly to the end extensions without calling the main line number and then diverted to the extensions. The complete E164 number used to reach the extension directly is known as Direct Inward Dial (DID) number.