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  1. Price is to high... Much better if you can break down the prices per device..
  2. It sounds you have some bulk number of devices and looks like it will go for some sort of rentals Kinda interested to see it soon....
  3. Goodluck mate... Kill the beast... You have a decent hardware specs for both config and tshoot...
  4. Breakdown of prices might be desirable for each item. Buyers may just wanted to select a few of those what is being selected...
  5. You need to have a Public Static IP on your HQ terminated might be on the same router with the MPLS link. On your branch side, you need to have a static or dynamic ip but i would highly suggest to have a static ip for the purpose of monitoring and ease of troubleshooting. As what Mark mention, dmpvn could do that. Just make sure you have the advnc.enterprise w/k9 loaded on both of your routers in HQ and in branch. HTH
  6. Yes dear... you may configure "nonegotiate" on your trunk port as well
  7. Basically your telling your switch to detect on either DTP negotiations as well as to cater end-user devices/hosts(access) to a certain vlan you configured. 3560's default to dynamic desirable if i'm not mistaken and 3550 to dynamic auto. In production, you don't have to enable a port to dynamically negotiate.. Either you shut it down and always make sure what's the device to be connected once you enabled it to lessen security loopholes.. hth
  8. Try to have an IOS upgrade of that switch. You may use the software advisor by using your cco account if you have.
  9. No tab terminal during the lab exams...each devices opens it own window(like doing an ordinary telnet from a windows XP machine). This is for R/S, other track may differ like Sec/Voice as you may need to access via web...
  10. What's the exact error on that machine? i'm just curious, where you able to browse the internet? try to make a ping to the public dns if you get a reply.
  11. Check on both GBIC and SFP...you can either remove the GBIC and SFP or show inventory....Modules should be the same on both end either SX-SX or LX-LX.. HTH
  12. It's part of the game...Experience and how you present yourself to customers makes the difference with or w/o cert...But i'm kinda hoping FS to allow some sort of real talks.. I'm still fighting to avoid another chicken sandwhich donation as what i had before.....
  13. ganun parin..gaya ng dati...
  14. Hi Admins/Mods, Some portion of the or mostly the page displays big text on some parts.. Please check...
  15. please allow FS...