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  1. sorry dudes for late replay, yes laf
  2. hi folks, is there any difference between strict qos and qos(normal)?
  3. Hi dudes, How to setup dirty network in GNS3?
  4. hi dudes, what is the difference between Ethernet packet and Ethernet frame? when i was goggling i get many results, but i don't understand very well? please explain me.
  5. how to put each one (TCP|UDP) in a separte queue, if avaliable please share configration.
  6. thx laf_c, yes WRED doen't support UDP, i am learner i don't know actual process applying WRED on queue or packets, WRED operates on each queue or any other process?, if it applies on each queue in queue have both tcp and udp packets how the behaviour of WRED. is there any possiblity to see the perticuler queue have perticuler packets(UDP | TCP) in live or normal traffic.
  7. yes dudes it look bit confusing, actually my question is if two packets(TCP and UDP) are there in same queue (i made a simple sim) --------------------------------- | |TCP| |UDP| |TCP| |TCP| |UDP| | -------------------------------- how the congestion algorithm (WRED) works on the queue. is it possible to see the behavior of the queue(live traffic) visually, is there any tool? if any need clarification please let me know.
  8. hi friends, i have question regarding TCP/IP TCP and non-TCP behavior in same queue?
  9. hi dudes, explain what is bonding group, where it can used, how the operations and also traffic descriptor.
  10. In Picture 1 5 collision domains and three broadcast domains In Picture 2 4 collision domains and three broadcast domains In Picture 3 2 collision doamins and three broadcast domains Each Hub as one collision domain and each switch port one collision domain
  11. hi guys how the future will be in protocol testing?
  12. ok thnaks for your replay
  13. thanks, but i saw an example like as asked above in that question he asks what is network address and broadcast address, i shocked that one but he says it is possible. Please once chek that one.
  14. That is we cannot subnet the class b address like that but we can aggregate(super netting) the ip address into /5
  15. Hi friends i have an query on subnetting please solve it is it possible is possible if possible network address,broadcast address,how may subnets and host address are available.