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  1. Too much snow over paradise....

  2. Where is everyone?

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    2. MarkinManchester


      now its more like a tadpole in an ocean, plent of room :) hows the family ??

    3. ManishBehal


      That;s funny mate. Family is fine, number 1 was 3 last year and number 2, is in formation :) April next year.

    4. MarkinManchester


      You will have to sell the M3 and get a sensible family car. mercedes e63 estate maybe :)

  3. ManishBehal

    Terminal Server

    If cost is an issue mate, consider an NM card. I found like MiM mentioned non-Cisco TS's flakey at time. The only non-stock one that has worked well for me is a Cyclades. HTH
  4. ManishBehal

    Which Hard Drive?

    Hello al, Need some technical advice here on buying a new internal hard drive for my Laptop, I'm way out of touch with PC hardware these days I have a HP Elitebook 2530p - P/N:KR059AV, which has a tiny 120GB Hard Drive, its Toshiba MK1229GSG ATA 54R00RPM I know that much. What do you guys recommend I replace it with, I want ideally a 500GB and a faster one. Secondly, is there a way of transferring the whole contents of the existing drive to the new one without having to reinstall? Thanks, M
  5. ManishBehal

    When is your CCIE Lab date?

    Speculation or fact?
  6. ManishBehal

    Switch for CCIE

    I have 2 x 3550-48-EMI for sale. PM me.
  7. ManishBehal


    I have a cabinet for sale, it will perfectly house your equipment safely. It is less than 1 year old and has all the correct fixtures and fittings. I also have 2 web controlled APC's so you can remote start your gear from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Let me know if you are interested. I am in the UK but can ship to most placed.
  8. ManishBehal

    Super Labs of the Internet

    Maybe I was a little harsh. Sorry. I guess there are a (more) worse waste of resources out there than a few routers!! If I gets you a pass, it's all worth it - Good luck mate Must admit though, does look dammed impressive.
  9. Get some packet crafting software and you can set whaever bit you chose!
  10. ManishBehal

    Super Labs of the Internet

    That's my point a6 mate. We are under constant pressure from men in grey suits that have these meeting in Europe to go Green. Cisco for that reason has invested in a "Green" technoogy. Why? So our kids still have IOS to play with in the future. Building wall to wall of racks is just insensitive and goes against everything we should stand for. Total waste of resources.
  11. ManishBehal

    How to limit port traffic(input/output) for Cisco 3550

    Use MQC. Class Maps with Policing in Policy Maps tied to VLAN interface.
  12. ManishBehal

    Super Labs of the Internet

    I really can't see the point. Isn't the whole idea to get more for less with less? I mean Virtualization and all that jazz? Each to their own I guess. Whatever floats your boat.
  13. ManishBehal

    [FS] CCIE Security v3 LAB

    Sorry - ALL SOLD.
  14. ManishBehal

    [FS] CCIE Security v3 LAB

    5 x Cisco 2621XM BRAND NEW AND BOXED with Modules -> £20.00 each + Shipping 1 x Cisco NM-16 + 2 x Genuine Octal Cables -> £50.00 + Shipping 2 x APC MasterSiwtch PDU with HOT/COLD leads -> £25.00 each + Shipping First come first served.
  15. ManishBehal

    [FS] CCIE Security v3 LAB

    IPS and ASA's SOLD - They went for a bargain. Other stuff still available