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  1. Good Day All, The prerequisite for CCVP works as follow: 1. You need a valid CCNA before the 24 June 2009. 2. After the 24 June 2009, you need a valid CCNA Voice cert. Which mean everybody that got a CCNA cert before the 24 June 2009 that is a valid cert will qualify to do the CCVP, if you get your CCNA after the 24 June 2009, you will have to do the CCNA Voice. e.g Lets say i pass my CCNA on the 20 June 2009, i will not need to do the CCNA Voice for CCVP. I done alot of research on this topic, i had to get Torque IT a training and valid testing center to contact Cisco to get the correct information. Feel Free contact Cisco.