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  1. HSRP

    Thank You Sir..
  2. HSRP

    Mr.'laf_c' i searched internet but i didnt find any thing related to my query thats why i posted in this forum.Thanks for your reply.
  3. HSRP

    Mr.'Lord Flasheart' i always dont like your way of replies.I was expecting reply from experts like talent pk,darkfibre,darby,pappyar etc.Before posting anything in forum i use to search on internet.If that searches didnt workout then i post my questions in forum like this.Actually yesterday i had technical interview.The interviewer asked me about that the question which i have raised in this forum.You dont need to educate me to use internet.
  4. HSRP

    I Know it..But is there any limitation??And i also want to know HSRP is Layer 2 or Layer 3 Protocol.
  5. HSRP

    How many router can be in single hsrp group?

  7. Time-range Access-list

    Thanks for your great support...
  8. Time-range Access-list

    Please advise me...
  9. Time-range Access-list

    Hi all, I want to implement MQC to allocate high bandwidth to certain traffic for certain time.I have created time-range access-list and bind it to class-map. Here is my configuration.Will it work?? class-map match-all test match access-group 199 ! ! policy-map test class test bandwidth percent 70 ! ! interface Serial1/0 ip address service-policy output test ! access-list 199 permit ip host host time-range test ! time-range test periodic daily 11:55 to 6:00 !
  10. DR & BDR

    Why EIGRP dont have DR & BDR in multi-access network>>>>
  11. Storm Control

    fffffHi All, Recently we have implemented STORM-CONTROL in our L3 switches where internet facing servers are connected.Our Manager gave storm-control broadcast bandwidth percentage,For 1Gbps port 0.2% is threshold value and 2% is for 100Mbps port.The thing is that we have one server that supports only fastethernet and it is connected to our Gbic port.This port is auto speed and the negoitiated speed is 100Mbps.My question is whether we have to implement manager suggested vlaue of 0.2% or 2%.Please clarify my doubt.
  12. ospf relay on tcp or udp

    OSPF uses IP protocol 89
  13. I am trying to configure tac_plus in windows XP..Im getting following responce..I have checked in taskmanager also but that exe file iis not running there..Any solution for this problem??? Warning, not running as uid 0 Tac_plus is usually run as root on line 1ecognised token
  14. vlan configuration error

    If it is L2 Switch u can create only one interface vlan..
  15. Lab Setup Errors

    You cant configure same subnet for two different interface in single router..