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  1. rainbow9810

    After a long long time

    I had this sandwich 3 years ago and the taste is very bad... Yes....I also heard that these days lab is very difficult...most of the people are getting failed and interestingly those guys are very talented.....
  2. rainbow9810

    After a long long time

    Hello Pappyaar, FS.............I am also here after a long time...Hope everyone is doing good here...
  3. hello my friends...back here after a long gap..

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    2. Darby Weaver

      Darby Weaver

      Welcome home... CCIE Status?


      Let me know how you are my friend.



    3. kamtec1


      +1 Welcome home :)

    4. rainbow9810


      Thanks a lot Mip104,Darby,Kamtec1...@Darby..I am doing great..now fully into Checkpoint firewall administration..planning to resume my CCIE studies..:) hoping that everyone in our family is doing good..

  4. rainbow9810

    Passed CCIE Lab

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  6. rainbow9810

    Happy Birthday MIP104

    I am always late... ..Belated Birthday wishes my friend Mip....all the best...
  7. rainbow9810

    Happy Wedding DAY FS(Admin)

    Congrats FS...All the best....
  8. rainbow9810

    CCIE journey finally complete..

  9. rainbow9810

    Passed CCIE -SP Lab in 1st attempt

  10. rainbow9810

    Lethe - Happy Birthday

    Sorry for being late.... Belated Birthday wishes my dear friend......
  11. rainbow9810

    Passed CCIE SP at Brussels

  12. rainbow9810


    Yes..If you know exchange server very well , you can find lot of oppurtunities.
  13. rainbow9810

    "choosing ccna career is good or not?"?

    As you are a fresher dont think about salary..After passing ccna try to get a job in networking field. Your experience will help you to get more salary in future.From your name i think you are from India. Now a days most of the companies are getting lot of projects..So lot of oppurtunities are there.
  14. rainbow9810

    CCIE R&S lab

    Motivating..!!!...i have to think about my second attempt...
  15. rainbow9810

    Thank you all on sadikhov

    Congratulations... -