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  1. OSPF missing External Routes

    is this question still live? If so, what are the routers config ??
  2. Subnetting IPV4 - help with one question

    I agree with Vijay too & aziz2. Vijay explains the answer & Aziz2 explains why C, is not possible..
  3. Complex Wildcard Mask (Access Lists)

    ip access-list extended 101 deny permit ip any any You are correct Ash90, I had worked the math out incorrectly in reference to the first network. But the ranges, surprisingly are still right & explain why he is getting blocked on both types of network. As the Worstations & Servers are connected to fa4/0. The following IP's are being denied; - 127 - 191 As The Workstations are on - 63, aka /26 Playstations: - 127 aka /26 Servers: - 143 aka /29 On a side note Wemperer canThe Workstations trace towards the Playstations?
  4. Complex Wildcard Mask (Access Lists)

    Your access list is denying the following Networks; - = - 127 range AND - = - 135 range Yet your Networks are as follows; Workstation: - 63 Playstation: - 127 Servers: - 135 Hence why the Playstations & Servers are blocked.
  5. Gotta get back on that horse!

    Thanks every 1....It was 640-802..
  6. Gotta get back on that horse!

    I got 788 / 1000, 30 odd short of 825...DAM YOU CISCO!! I'll be back..
  7. How to make Smart Serial DCE DTE

    Are you trying to create something like this; http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313&_nkw=dte+to+dce+cable&_sacat=See-All-Categories Maybe just worth while saving up & grabbing one, if so..
  8. Summerization query..

    Can any one explain why, to the respected question & answer please?
  9. CCNA CheatSheets

  10. [Need Answer] ERouting EIGRP PT Practice SBA

    Sorry what is yoour question? Are you not experiencing any connectivity on certain parts of the Network? If so, where too?
  11. question about show ip nat translation ,

    It's all about the OSI layer. Where in this case the PC (like any PC in the world) it has it's own inherited Port Numbers, so it manages to talk the respected web servers out in the internet. tcp Where tcp is the protocol * - Inside local: Represents the LAN address 1025 - unique port number * - Inside Global: Public, WAN IP address 1025 - unique port number, continued from PC * - Outside Local: Destination IP (WAN) - 80 - typical http port (server) * - Outside Global: Destination IP (WAN) - 80 - typical http port (server)
  12. FRAME RELAY in Packet Tracer

    Where is your evidence of you trying before hand, so that peeps can help you ?
  13. simple routing

    How about adding a static route from Network, to ?
  14. vlan scenario

    Are thes three VLANs all on site? If you're using IPVPN for different sites, have you not been issued AS numbers or DLCI's from your SP?
  15. vlan scenario

    IPVPN is also known as MPLS. IPVPN: Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network MPLS: Multiprotocol Label Switching