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  1. just to tell you
  2. nice one. thanks for shyaring it.
  3. If you can, have a look to endian firewall community edition, also give a try to pfsense and monowall, these are the one of the best firewall distro. I have ever tested(Need to mention, by best distro, I mean to say free of cost).
  4. or either search the internet for some registry trics to hide the drives, you can also hide them by not assigning a drive letter to a volume using Disk manager.
  5. yeah, I also can't see any reason to put this massive list here on a forum topic, if anybody want to know then he/she can always google it.
  6. Can't say it will fulfill your needs but take a look at spicework, go google it.
  7. The only solution come to my mind is, You can do this, Turn on the laptop, if it turn on properly then shut it down, when it shut off completely, Remove the battery and press the button (Which you use to power ON the laptop), this is to discharge the remaining electric charge from the internal circuit (Do this while battery is removed). Re-Insert the battery in place and turn it ON your Laptop and tell us what happen.
  8. Sorry to bump this up but I find it really inspiring. thanks for this. .....
  9. you can use bootcamp feature of macbook to install windows on that.
  10. Can you elaborate more on what you means by TMG?
  11. Being a spammer, He is doing his duty. Apart from that, I wonder what the moderator doing nowadays, I had reported many posts but no action.
  12. try out spicework, google for it.
  13. check out http://www.turnkeylinux.org/
  14. Yes, if you block 443(ssl port) then every things started with https:// will be blocked. Yes, you can, but you have to setup somethings like content filtering, I have seen some of the firewall can filter out https:// trafic but most of them cost you $$$, one of the cheap option is to install a firewall/router distro of linux for example untangle. they have a module for that purpose.
  15. Hey welcome back