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  1. thanks for suggetion i have make the firewall accept all out bound trafic for vpn clients and also vpn client is able to ping database server by using dns name it is able to connect dns but still i am not able to connect to dbase by using mycrosoft dynamics once again thanks for reply
  2. hi every body I am connecting to our network through vpn client i am able to browse all files and remote desktop through the vpn but i am usning microsoft dyanamics in my laptop from my laptap to i am not able to connect to database through dynamics any can give me the details how to connect the database through vpn thanks
  3. dear friends to day i have suffered with a problem i.e when i power on the system it is not on i checked up the smps i think it is ok and the power led on mother board is on but when i power on the system is not on i have shorted the smps but the smps fan is not work but when iataached it to mother board it showing as work how to solve this problem help me
  4. hello every one i would like to purchase new antivirus soft ware for our organization at present we are using symantec endpoint protection 11.0 but it is lot system memory and systems becomes slow so what is the best one to use any body can give me good suggetions thanks
  5. but all partitions also i have lost but i have recovered all the partitions by using "ACTIVE PARTITION RECOVER SOFTWARE" it is helped allot to me thanks to all for giving suggestions finally i have solved my problem thanks allot to every one in the forum
  6. it has some valuble data i have to retrieve it so tell me please how to solve this issue thanks allot for u r suggetion
  7. hi every body thanks to all i am using 40 gb hard disk to day morning some body is switched off the system directly with out shutting down After some time i power on the system but it is showing disk boot failure insert system disk i think may the OS was gone then i remove the disk from the system i attached it to some another system but it is detected through BIOS but operating system is unable to open the disk i went to disk management and initialize the disk the it shows the disk but it does not showing any partiton it has some official date it is very much impartent for me any body help how can retrieve the data from that hard disk i am using windows xp proffesional operating system thanks
  8. azaad

    probelm with dvd rom

    thanks allot dude i am using symantec end point protection may it is the cause for this issue i will try it now bye for today once again thanks byeee
  9. azaad

    probelm with dvd rom

    but i have some programs i should run form cdrom how to give me some assistance
  10. azaad

    probelm with dvd rom

    thanks to every body i am facing problem with dvd writer when ever i am trying to install any soft ware from dvd it showing the error "the handle is invalid " but it opens other files except "exe" files how to solve this problem any body help me please it is very urgent to me
  11. azaad

    sql server 2005

    Welcome in and please make you comfortable :-) A short question and a short answer: yes, you can connect to a SQL 2005 over the Internet using a ODBCconnection. Best Regards thanks for replay and i have i doubt regarding to leased line what is 2w and 4w leased lines what is the difference between them
  12. azaad

    sql server 2005

    dear all i am very new to this forum, first of all i would like to say thanks to moderators and administrators and all the participants of the fourm i have a doubt i.e can i give the odbc connections by using wan link