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  1. Mehboob

    Happy Birthday Faisal.Saleem

    Happy Birthday Faisal Bhai ..
  2. Mehboob

    Let's ccount to Million!

    hye screeeeeeem .... i m cool .. howz ur lyfe ? got married ... happy in my new lyfe !! what abt ya ?
  3. Mehboob

    Let's ccount to Million!

    I wasnt here for long time ... came today ... hehehehe screeeem ....
  4. Mehboob

    Proper Sitting Position On Computer

    Good Position ... Everybody should try it ..
  5. Respected Friendz .. After the long time, I am writing a thread .. how are you all ? hope you awLL are fyne .. i m fine tooooo.. FS and moderators of sadikhov .. hope you all havent forgo me .. Bless you all !!
  6. Belated Happy Christmas .. & Happy New Year to ALLL ..!! Bless you all ..
  7. Mehboob

    Happy Birthday Kippy

    Many Many Happy Returns of the day ... Belated Happy Birthday God Bless You always -MEHB
  8. Mehboob

    Happy Birthday Phybr

    Many Many Happy Returns of the day !! Happy Birthday to You ... Wish You have many more in your life ... God Bless You Always
  9. Mehboob

    Happy Birthday Screeeeeem

    Wish you manny many happy returns of the day !!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to You God Bless You always !!! All your wishes come true and all your problem would be solved ~ -MEHB
  10. Respected Members of Sadikhov, First of all Heartily Thanks a lot for wishing me I am glad and overwhelmed Its really a gread honor to me that you all remember my birthday Anxious,mcse_2k3 and kIdMaN Thank you very much for you time spend on wishing me and remember me I am buzy these dayz that why I could able to visit sadikhov, But I always remembers my lovely members in my prayers and pray for long live sadikhov .. Thanks a lot FS and the other staff !!! God Bless You always Always Pray for me
  11. Mehboob

    Continuing Mcse Track ..

    cooooooooooooool Thanks BOFH and Screeeeeeeeeeem ............ Got the Planner in View my !!! THanks again dears
  12. Mehboob

    Cwna- Passed

    Coooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!! Really happy that you cleared the examination !! How many questions were there in the exam ? Some important tips ? What is the passing score ? Thanks a lot for the information in advance
  13. Mehboob

    Continuing Mcse Track ..

    screeem, I didn't find any planner on MS site, Please provide me that link Thank You very much !!!
  14. Mehboob

    Continuing Mcse Track ..

    In the journey of my life, I discontined the Microsoft track after finishing MCSA,now I need to recontinue it,I completed 70-210,70-215,70-218 and Security+ to finish my MCSA Now my plan is to Complete MCSE 2000 and MCSE 2003 as Security and Messaging as well ... later MCITP and MCTS So whats your opinions to complete MCSE 2000 ? Which exams should I take to complete it ?? I need the step by step path to follow and to go through it Thanks a lot in advance !! God Bless You all Always SMILE -MEHB
  15. Mehboob

    [offer] Ccna Interview Questions

    Please reupload this file ... I am in need of some tricky technical questions of CCNA Thank you very much in advance