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  1. Hi

    I wanna ask if u still want to rent your cisco rack CCIE security INE

    I want to rent it for 6 months?

  2. Well, I still use 3550 for my CCIE Sec studies and at least one 3560 is fine. If you want to go further.
  3. CSC-SSM 10 Module

    1) whoever use Cisco device must spend sometime learning and reading Doc-CD. 2) Alway read configuration guide and do some test in Office Lab then migrate Gold config to Production. 3) Never Experiment on Live system otherwise you kill million of $$$$ on your employers just in one day. Now here are examples for you. CSC-SSM-AntiX card http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6120/products_configuration_example09186a00808dea62.shtml IPS Card http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps6120/products_configuration_example09186a00807335ca.shtml CSC Admin Guide http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/security/csc/csc62/administration/guide/csc62adm.html I am sure will find your answers there. Good Luck
  4. Cisco 1841 memory

    Mark In term of Flash Cards, I am using them in 1841 and they are working perfectly. I haven't tried RAM yet.
  5. Are we a bit naive here?

    Here is Demo for TSHOOT Trouble Tickets http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/le2/le37/le10/tshoot_demo.html https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadBody/6741-102-1-23100/TSHOOT%20Exam%20Topology.pdf enjoy it
  6. Is it worth it doing CCIE

    True and spot on I always encountered those Accountants holding money for Projects and these Finance controllers try to show that they are saving but in reality they damaging revenue of companies. PMP and ITIL are bullshit... just chatter boxes........most of Manager or Project Managers forget that they are in job just because of good Engineers in field. IT was F**** long time ago by Bankers and so called Project Managers = PMP guys. Last nail was done by Job agencies. IT guys are worse earner then cabi drivers, builders, plumbers or any sales guy in market. Never ending list of re-certifications de-valued education of Computing. I am telling from my past 15-20 year experience. Most damage was done by IT itself because we never manage to set standard rates for each professions and always try to cut each other. Now it’s time to pay the price for it. Just look at other professions starting from Doctors, Nurses, Fire Fighters, Tube Drivers, Journalist, Photographers and list goes on. In my IT career I don't even remember single event of strike for salaries or some rights or fair working hours or holidays or anything for our betterment. I know most of us might not even have pensions when we are about to retire. But rest of the other professions will have it. We basically gave our life to IT and in return we got nothing for ourselves apart from nice title of MCSE, MCP, CCNP, CCNA or CCIE. What would be the value of those after 5-10 years? Absolutely nothing as we seen in past and seeing it today. Yes, we can't be doctor who might have passed MBBS 20 years ago and he will be seeing patients until he is dead.
  7. Hi there,

    Could you please provide me cisco IOS "c3745-adventerprisek9_ivs-mz.124-15.T12.bin".

    Thanks in advance,


  8. New R&S passing

    hmmm....not sure what to say here. I think its candidates efforts are more important then vendor. Why? Because if you aren't learning and mastering the technolgy; any Gold written book can't help you at all. Secondly, if the material isn't conveying the details into students mind then stop reading it. Pick the material which you can understand easily. My thoughts!
  9. Is it worth to get a second ccie?‏

    Bro I know your feeling. Simply you are confused between two tracks and two job offers. One is Cisco Gold Partner and other is giving you free hand to put Infrastructure in place. Let me help you out, its simple to crack it one by one. You have right to ask them because they made job offer to you. I wish should have asked these questions during interview. Anyway let explore these: Cisco Gold Partner: Are they offering you to get involved with Voice projects as well? or Just they want you to do Security projects for them? How big is their client pool? What are current project on table for you? Will you be sole owner of those deployments? I mean complete project cycle until client sign off the contract. What training is on offer for another CCIE? if you want to go for Voice. New Company: New company who is just starting to build its infrastructure from scratch. <--- What would be your role? Will you be looking after all areas of Networking or just security side? Will you be sole owner of those deployments? If they are putting infrastructure from scratch, is there transfer of skills involved? Have you ever done such project before? Are they asking you to care about Voice too?? How big is company and their turn over? If you go away can someone replace you in company? Can they understand you technical achievements and difficulties? How are your business, management, budgeting and analytical skills? Ask these questions to your self and company wherever you have concern. Most people forget passing any kind of qualification is totally different thing then taking challenge for Projects. In Projects there are my elements and sometime you can’t cross some obstacles. Both offers have some exciting challenges in my eyes because I been through with new Infrastructure deployments. If you are 100% technical minded person and not interested in business side skills then go for the one which is pure techie. Technical skills can be evolved and developed but solid experience and expertise takes time. If someone spend 1 year on any of Cisco CCIE Track Blueprint, one day he can become CCIE but applying those skills are the key otherwise everything is meaning less. It’s like I was very good COBOL programmer and wrote many programs 25 years ago and made good money in young age, now I don't remember 98% of syntax because I never applied my knowledge. In this forum most of user might haven't heard name of other programming languages but I feel proud to have my expourse to computers in mid 80s.
  10. New CCNP curriculum v6 - ROUTE, SWITCH + TSHOOT

    I think Cisco cert are now in great order. If you want to follow R&S do CCNA, CCNP and CCIE R&S or if you want to be Security do CCNA, CCNA Sec and CCSP then CCIE Sec. I think current change in CCNP track increased value of CCSP and CCVP certs, which should have been done long time ago. Now Cisco want specialist in particuler areas not jack of all trade in Cisco world. Its good move in my eyes.
  11. Cisco “Come Back 2009” Promotion

    Guys Any Promotion for 2010 by Cisco ??
  12. New CCNP curriculum v6 - ROUTE, SWITCH + TSHOOT

    well, Guys, if you have all books, cbts and everything to clear CCNP. Why not do it? Why would you eait for higher exam fee and cost of new books? Go for it....
  13. Easy Fix to CCIE Integrity Issue

    CCIE salaries are falling since last year, which is really shocking to me. Normal sales guy can make money then those hardcore CCIEs, I think IT is losing charm for new genration because less reward given. Secondly, promotion are also questionable in technical field. Imagine if your existing manager leave and new one takes over, he won't know your last good project and you will be starting back to square one again to get his support. In the sametime sales guy can show sales targets on graph and it can tell he has increase sales xx amount of money this year. Easy for him to get Bonus and promotion but we sufer all the time.
  14. Easy Fix to CCIE Integrity Issue

    Hmmmm... some good points but it can be inpractical 1# Cost and Time to develop them. Doesn't matter how many you have! Real talent will shine anyway. 2# I agree but don't forget its money making for Cisco, they won't do it. 3# True but high pay for CCIE I don;t think so.
  15. I did 503 before it was changed to 504. 504 is GUI based and 503 more on CLI. 504 got GET VPN. If someone is working toward CCIE Sec then I would recommend 503 studies or IOS Firewall Book by Ricard Deal.