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    Selling 2000 INE rack rentals tokens

    I have close to 2800 tokens ..let me know if you need them
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    Selling INE Tokens

    I have close to 2500+ INE Tokens...And a Yearly subscription to all the INE materials including workbooks....And willing to get it go for 1300$ , if you are ready to pay for the below campaign. If you are really working on the CCIE , This would be of great help to you and it can help my community also. https://milaap.org/c...ns/urbanchennai
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    Selling INE Tokens

    Hi, I am selling my INE tokens to support this below cause for my community. You can directly donate to the cause if you are willing to buy it. I will sell at 60% of the price. And I have 2000 tokens https://milaap.org/campaigns/urbanchennai Let me know if you are willing to purchase it.
  4. Hi All, We actually have a lot of Cisco 6500 Series Switch where all the module in them are SFM Capable. What we are trying to do is to proactively monitor when the Switch Fabric or the Backplane utilization goes high. Normally every module that is connected to the Switch Fabric either normally has a 8G or 20G or other bandwidth. We are trying to see whether if we can monitor both the tx and rx bandwidth utilization for each of the module allocated bandwidth to the Switch Fabric, so that we can proactively take note when a particular module become over suscribed. We are trying to acheive having a module that is never over suscribed. Would appreciate on how we can monitor this or is there any free tool that can help us do this. Thanks Hari
  5. Kanchala

    Filter Show Interfaces Output

    Hi All, Actually we have a lot of Cisco 6500 Series(around 90 of them) and we are trying to be proactive on managing the buffer overruns, output drops , CRC Errors and many other error and statistics we can get from the sh interfaces command. So what we are doing today is to capture a Sh Interface output from all our switches and then scroll through all the output looking for those errors in them. We are trying to see if there is any Script Written or any free tool that can help us to automate or tabulate the data we receive from the sh interface output. Would be of real help if someone can help us on this. Thanks Hari