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  1. can i upload new ios image on packet tracer ???
  2. pranjal

    Am i in the correct CCSP track?

    one more thing do snaa(the best of the optional ones ) Dont Worry friend , You are still in CCSP Track , What you need to do is clear CCNA(Security) which course curriculum is very simillar to SND, but with a changed name.Then after that Clear 2 more mandatory exams 1 SNRS (642-504) 2 IPS (642-533) and One Optional Exam 1 CANAC 642-591 2 MARS 642-545 3 SNAA 642-515 Regards, Ajit Pal Singh
  3. i think the problem is wid the system because no1 wants knowledge if u're not certified wich is just a formality nd the xams r too costly either still it's nt true thaat dumps dnt giv ya knowledge ...in fact they do... u come to know wat real life scenarios cn b wich u might forget if u do a question directly in xams .... still dont support dumps though ... but damn they r good 4 practice
  4. i couldnt find a number ...cn ya send me the link of the list of numbers ... i live in india thnx , regards so wat u mean is i cn giv snd fr nw and then go fr the new certifications(snrs 504 snaf then ips and then snpa) right ??? Hey, give call to Cisco to find out more. hehehe
  5. pranjal

    CCSP exam requirements

    dude cn ya help me wid this ??? i wanna take snd ...in a few days ... so after snd cn i only giv the old xams i.e. snrs(503) snpa , ips and mars etc or cn i do the new exams (snrs (504,snaf ,ips and then the elective )) ????? i mean is it mandatory to go thru ccna security to go fr the new xams ... actually cisco sites are not that infrmative plzzz help me wid this man !!! i wud b really thankful to ya .................. Regards
  6. so wat u mean is i cn giv snd fr nw and then go fr the new certifications(snrs 504 snaf then ips and then snpa) right ???
  7. dude i m plannin to give snd right nw arnd 2nd nov wat i wanna ask is that cn i go fr snrs(504) and snaf and then ips or i hv to giv the old certification i.e. snpa mars elytc mandatorily
  8. i dont understand watz the difference ????
  9. i m too confused ....i wanna do snd b4 17th november ....... nw i m just a ccna .... is it needed just to do ccna security fr goin to ccsp track ???? or cn i go fr snd and then snrs(642-504) then to snaf to ips to finally an elective exam ???? plzzz help me thnx in advance