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  1. Hi friends, In my dell power edge server there is dual network port can I combine the two to have double bandwidth like the configuration in HP servers. And If so can we do this in EXSI configuration.
  2. Can we install 32bit and 64bit VM in EXSI by enabling VT

    Thanks for the replay.
  3. CD drive not working in exsi

    Don't know how to check if my motherboard support pass-through or not, but i have this warning in the configuration tab
  4. Hi, I need to install 64 bit 2008 in an EXSI where I previously installed 32bit 2003. When I trying to install the 64bit OS it prompt to enable VT in the BIOS. If I enable VT in BIOS, for the Host machine did the 32bit OS will work or not. thanks,
  5. Print Management software

  6. Print Management software

    We have Xerox printer and Cannon photo copier.
  7. Print Management software

    Thanks Mark, I tried in Google most of them are highly sophisticated, we just need a software that maintain the quota and restrict the user after the Quota. No need for Active directory for user creation.
  8. Print Management software

    Hi, I am a admin for my organization. I dont know where i can put this topic that is why i put here. We need a small print management software that manage our printer(or printers) with a username and password. And we need to restrict with a quota. We dont need a active directory to involve in this.
  9. CD drive not working in exsi

    Dear friend, I make ISO image and it is working on it. Iam using IDE and before we install using physical drive and now i couldnt.
  10. CD drive not working in exsi

    Dear Admin, Thanks your replay I did all the settings as u said. But it is not working. We already install two server in that Exsi machine. Now when i created another VM, CD is not working. And i checked other server also in that also the CD is not working. So any server in that platform the CD drive is not detecting. I think some options in the EXSI platform we have to change.
  11. CD drive not working in exsi

    Dear Friends, We installed server as virtual machine in the EXSI platform, But the CD drive in the server is not showing. I tried almost all the options. Please help in this issue.
  12. NAT configration

    Thank you my friend
  13. NAT configration

    I need to do NAT ing for my server private IP address to a public IT address.(ASA 5510) I have a internal network and my server IP address is I need to do translate this IP to my Public IP address in ASA 5510. The Public IP address is xx.xx.251.212 Please tell me if we want to change the access list for the same.
  14. Access control list

    Thank you for the help. But Iam new to networking, I don't have hands on experience in ASA and NATing.
  15. Access control list

    we have to add this rule to NAT or replace the two rule with this.