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  1. TheDarkLord

    A big change happening in my life

    You asked for a book to pass the dad exam? Well their ain't one, you will be learning new things everyday. One advise take as much sleep as you can, trust me you won't see much for atleast the first year or so. But other than that, that feeling that you have you can't decribe it i know. But once the little guy is here and you hold him for the first time you would know then, the best thing that could ever happen to anyone. Congrats to you and your partner.
  2. TheDarkLord

    Can't Find Job (Minnesota) Any Success Stories?

    Been through that and I know how painful it is. I am not going to paint you a Rosy picture. Each and every entry job you look at has requirements that even a PhD in Computer Sciences can't fulfill. But that’s how it is, you can blame this on some very talented individuals how bowed down to the pressure or may be did not know their worth and signed up for a multi-faceted role on a meager pay making the employers think hey we can get away with paying less and asking more. With CCNA, Network+ and A+ getting $50K in today’s market is very hard. These are entry level certs. Having said that all is not lost. If you know your worth, if you believe in your abilities , there is still hope. During the time you are on finding a job, brush up on your core technical skills. I used to look at the jobs postings and copy and paste the requirement into a word documents. Then I would go through the list and ask myself Do I know this? That will give you an idea of what you are lacking or what most jobs want. Be confident, and you will be if you core is strong. Do not pass a job posting, even if it is less then what you want. Go for it, you have to start somewhere. Stay there for a year or two. Complete your professional level certs and then move on. And remember don’t ever give up.
  3. @Light i3 with 16GB is more than enough. Put ESXi on the server. As for the RAM: Call manager 2-4GB each, CUPS and CUC 2GB should be more than enough ( I have run these servers on 1GB RAM also but its sluggish and un stable) Honestly for lab purposes you don't necessaorily need a CUCM Sub. You should be fine with one PUB. The Sub can be introduced later if desired. Don't know which version you will be using, but please stay away from 8.6.2. It will ruin your nights. If you are starting for the first time, use one CUCM and one CUC. Play around with the integration first. CUPS is a little tricky but real fun.
  4. TheDarkLord

    NetworkVerify - failed

    I would start with these first: utils network connectivity : This will check the network reachability & show network eth0 : This will give you the current configuration for your ethernet port and will also show if the port is up (defaults to eth0)
  5. TheDarkLord

    Hi I am new here :)

    Hi All, I am new here. I like this site a lot. I use to come here often, but then Job/moving/personal stuff happened. So i hope everyone is fine and looking forward to a fun time again. TheDarkLord
  6. TheDarkLord

    cdr enterprise parameter

    Hey Superr, The only service i can think of would be the CARschedular. I am sure you know this but do this in the offhours. Get a complete back-up first, backup your CDR/CMR if you can, this will depend on how many days worth of data you have. If anything goes bad you can always upload the backed up data.
  7. TheDarkLord

    Happy Ramadan

    A very Happy Ramadan to all our Sadikov's members and all our Muslim brothers and sisters here and around the world. This a month of blessing, kinda like a bonus month, every good deed's returns quadruples. So do your best, pray, fast, read and don't miss this chance. Ramadan Mubarak.
  8. TheDarkLord

    Lethe - Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday and congrats.
  9. TheDarkLord

    Query about corp-corp job offer

    First thing congrats on the offer, and second welcome to the US tax system. It is funny, brutal and rewarding at the same time. For a consultant position you have three options W-2 (regular paid worker, taxes are deducted from your pay), 1099 (self employed, you pay your own taxes) and corp-to-corp (you work for a corp that works for your employer). Now i know its not even close to what they really mean but fortunately here is a link that will explain all : http://www.biztaxtalk.com/node/3
  10. TheDarkLord


    Satheesh if they are going to pay you more by switching the jobs inside the company, take it. That will give you some time to go for your CCNA and probably CCNP, which will increase your chances of getting a good job later.
  11. TheDarkLord

    Terminal Server

    I mean for pure terminal services needs i think it will be more then enough and then some more. Even the price seems ok, they are going for $39.99 on ebay. I mean the description says it all:
  12. TheDarkLord

    messed up my 1 and only composite chance, so its ROUTE

    Here is a very good article on the this subject: http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/57315 Good luck for the exam.
  13. TheDarkLord

    Immigration Queries

    Ohh been lived in three different countries in the past 12 years, i guess it comes with experience.
  14. TheDarkLord

    publisher and subscriber

    A couple of things that you might want to know is their could be as many as 20 servers in one cluster, but only one PUB per cluster. And their could be upto 4 SUBs that can participate in call processing, the rest of the SUBs will act as active standby servers.
  15. TheDarkLord

    Immigration Queries

    Ok so for argument's sake you are in UAE on a work visa. Yes you can apply from there, you don't need to go back to your country. This is true for SA and UAE. It depends on which country you are applying for, for example. a) In the USA, there is H1, which is like the work visa. You apply for a job in a company and they file the H1 visa on your behalf. Once approved you can live and work BUT will have to work for the company that applied for you. Now this H1 visa can change into a permanent visa (also known as the Green Card). Once you have your green card then you can change jobs as much as you want. The process is very very lengthy and costly. And it takes forever. Here is the link to the official H1 site: http://www.uscis.gov...000b92ca60aRCRD b.) For UK, they have whats called the highly skilled worker program HSW Teir-1 (formally known as the HSMP). Its a point based system. You have to meet certain Job, education and general requirements. Here is the link to the official immigration site: http://www.ukba.home.../tier1/general/ c) Canada also has a points-based-system. For each requirement fulfilled you will get a points. If your points total is above what is required they will consider and process your immigration provided you meet other requirements. Once again here is the official site for skilled workers: http://www.cic.gc.ca...illed/index.asp d) Australia is almost like the Canadian and the UK system. Your intended and/or current qualification must fulfill the requirements of a list of professions that Australia needs, the lists are called SOL and MODL. After this is established you will then be required to score enough points to be considered for processing. Here is the link to the immigration page for skilled workers: http://www.immi.gov....ons-outside.htm I hope this helps.