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  1. After installing iSCSI adapter software Let's say you decided you want to delete it. First you will have to disable it: on the esxi host configuration tab -go to Storage adapters -from the right side pan select iSCSI software adapter that you need to remove so it's highlighted -at bottom where it says details select properties -in the general tab select Configure -uncheck the status enabled -reboot esxi host -done! Sorry if I am adding newbies information but I've learned the hard way. I've struggled with simple issues that may face any newbie like myself so I figured let me share Thank you for viewing
  2. MeggaMoe

    vCenter Server 5.5 Question

    Never mind I got it Log into the vSphere Web Client using the administrator@vsphere.local credentials (for version 5.5) and supplied SSO password (Single Sign on) Click Administration. Under Sign-On and Discovery, click Configuration. Click the Active Directory identity source. Under Actions, click Edit Identity Source. Make note of listed domains, and if you don't see yours simply click the + button and add it. Under Administration go to Users and Groups. Under Users and Groups, click the domain's drop down menu select your domain. Add domain users or groups to grant access via vSphere Web Client or just the vSphere Client. Now you should be able to login with your windows session credintials if user logged into to windows is part of users or groups that were added to under Users and Groups tab in step 8 above It was such a challenge fighting with this back and forth for 3 days just trying to figure out how to do it. I mean I think there's got to be a way to automatically populate your domain under permissions since this is the domain that vm workstation where the vcenter is actually installed on, I maybe wrong but I think that should have been an option.
  3. I have a question about vcenter server 5.5 when I try to go to permissions to add users, I should have the option to select my domain server from the drop down menu and then once selected it should populate my active directory users and groups for my domain ( dc1.company.pri ) in this case. Problem I am facing is it doesn't populate those, it will display my server name which is DC1 and I select it but no domain users or groups populate. nslookup shows my vcenter server results: Server: dc1.company.pri Address: Name: vcenter.company.pri Address: my hosts and vcenter server all have static ip addresses and manually added in forward and reverse lookup zones on my dn server.
  4. MeggaMoe

    Deploy and Configure vCenter Server 5.1

    Awesome video and simply well done! my question to all is, does the NAS adapter work? or does it have to be an actual NAS unit? I found some NAS adapters that are cheap and basically they would connect any External USB hard drives to your LAN and configure it as a NAS to be shared over network. I haven't tried it yet but I am assuming it should work, right? anyone out there ever tried this method? An Example of NAS adapters check this link: http://www.amazon.com/Addonics-NASU2-NAS-Adapter/dp/B001OC5J9U/ref=sr_1_fed1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1355690017&sr=8-1&keywords=usb+nas+adapter and as you can see it's price is around $42.00 comparing to cheapest NAS or iSCSI for over $200. Some enclosures also are NAS you just have to add the drives. Like mentioned i never tried it yet because I am still thinking about what is the right method to go. i don't care about speed or performance at this point because I am going to be doing this at home just to practice more and get more hands on. Will have a vcenter, 2 hosts and maybe few vmware stations. Please advise. Thank you