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  1. S@iNt

    80% off CompTIA Exam Voucher Coupon

    Thanks for the info " rjohnson79 " The code is valid, but can only be used in US, Canada , Puerto Rico. Because its only ship their, and they did not say that they will send it via mail. Thanks for the help Again.
  2. S@iNt

    80% off CompTIA Exam Voucher Coupon

    @ rjohnson79 Which country are you applying from? i am using the global site of comptia store.
  3. S@iNt

    80% off CompTIA Exam Voucher Coupon

    @rjohnson79 Where did you aplied , i tried on comptia store and it says invalid.
  4. HI, I send all the documents they required day befor yesterday and submitted the 100 $ fee as well, but untill know i did'nt get any response from them. does any body got an idea ho long will it take? Thank you
  5. S@iNt

    Want to Take MCTS?

    I did had a look at microsoft website. coudl'nt make sense of it thats why i ask if any one can explain simply. Thanks for the reply though
  6. S@iNt

    Want to Take MCTS?

    Hi, I want to go for MCTS. I don't understand the criteria for this Certification. i tried google but its very confusing What i exactly want to know is that what exams do i have to take for this certification, and if anyone can guide me which one will be better for me? i am not interested in development. Exchange server, Active Directory others are ok for me. Any Help will be highly appreciated. Thanks Regards