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  1. pedenski

    Tagalog? (part2)

    mah menz, question naman regarding wireless captive portal...
  2. pedenski

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    No im not devin. i barely know that guy.. Im sure its kinda overhyped about aerohive's features. but it isnt just marketing nor eyecandy. it does what it says.. literally .. of course the list was a copy paste from some site ive been reading at the time of my post and decided to post here to emphasize the beauty of it. i dont work for aerohive, we just use it in our office and based on what ive experienced with it, it does fairly well compared to centralized AP with controller. anyway, whose devin and whats planet 3?
  3. pedenski

    Tagalog? (part2)

    i like the word kabayan, pero parang kasi masyadong mahaba.. okay sana yung simple and easy to remember.. i was thinking ITPINOY, PINOYIT, kaso parang nakakatawa bigkasin.. lol below are some words, might help sprout some ideas for others: KABAYAN-IT PINOY-IT IT-PINOY KABAYAN-ITPROF PINOYTECH TECHPINOY
  4. pedenski

    Tagalog? (part2)

    ayos.. sige ako nalang bahala sa hosting and domain.. since wala pa ko nakikitang forum specifically for pinoy IT's.. magiging magandang resources yung nang mga Network Engr, IT, ComSci students. makakatulong pa tayo sa kapwa kababayan natin.. tulong-tulong tayo.. ano ba magandang domain name?
  5. pedenski

    Tagalog? (part2)

    mabuhay gusto nyo gawa tayo ng sarili nating forum? for pinoy ITs?
  6. pedenski

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    have you considered using aerohive - controller-less wifi solution Most highlighted features of it: Controller-less - simplified deployment, reduced cost edge-based QoS - Provides QoS on the Edge side Low Latency - since it doesnt have controllers, it improves application performance, less hardware - less data to traverse to No single point of failure - higher reliability, no additional cost for redundancy Integrated mesh and dynamic failover - most wifi setup, for AP to function as mesh, youd have controller, but with aerohive it's function is built-in Integrated Firewall, Radius - more simplified deployment no feature licenses This is proven, and we use this in our office.
  7. pedenski


    Can someone differentiate LWAPP and CAPWAP and its pros / cons
  8. pedenski

    AAA/RADIUS cert

    Hi, are there tutorial courses with certification covering AAA/RADIUS? also where's the place i can learn AAA/RADIUS server deployment and functions. Thanks,
  9. pedenski

    Cisco Wireless Book

    Can anyone suggest a good book to read all about wireless technology?
  10. pedenski

    What is the best wireless product ?

    try ruckus
  11. pedenski

    clock rate

    Usually you configure clock rate to the router which has the DCE cable on it. and about the 64000 rate, well, i haven't even thought why its always 64000. prolly because thats the standard? well im not sure tho..
  12. pedenski

    Cisco Products

    thanks for the enlightenment.. but, whats your final suggestion for me? what series of device? it would be really helpful for me if you can state specifics..
  13. pedenski

    Cisco Products

    Guys, Im planning to purchase a cisco router device. Its my first time to buy one and i dont have any idea what series to buy. I already passed my CCNA exam without using any real devices. Pretty much I was used to configure using only GNS and PT. My questions is, Are all Cisco Devices has CLI? I strolled around the mall and saw different kinds of cisco products, which i think are plug and play devices. Im planning to start my own lab. and I need help on what cisco router should I buy (for home use only) that can help me manually configure them,
  14. pedenski

    VLANS explanation

    this may sound off topic. but one of my favorite thing to troubleshoot.. is vlans... vlans are great.. they subdivide large networks into smaller ones for better management.
  15. pedenski

    ARP Process

    if pc3 has / 24 then ping PC1, arp will certainly acquire the MAC of PC1, as well as PC1 if the IP of pc3 is correct. Else it would fail learning the MAC.