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  1. terrence

    CCNA Diary(how To Start Study?)

    I've been studying night and day for my CCNA exam and using GNS3 which leaves much to desire. Maybe it's just me but I learn better on the real thing while self studying, a question to all the professionals. I searched around and I see 1721 being an acceptable learning tool but Which Cisco router do you suggest I purchase and what components should come along with it? also, keeping in mind for furture use going after CCNP or CCSP. thanks!
  2. terrence

    CCNA Diary(how To Start Study?)

    Yea, it kind of just landed in my lap. I remember my mom and dad garage sale shopping and going from one USED store (goodwill & Salvation army) to the next and we always got a computer, this was our so called family outting which my sister and I hated. After a while I started taking them apart and putting them back together. From that moment on I've been obsessed with Technology ever since. I remember the GUI if I can even call it that was just a green screen and characters with the large floppy disks (Those were the days, being a kid of course..lol). We even got a Floppy disk set that that totalled well over 20 disks just to what we call know a days simple stuff. I feel kinda old just remembering IT.... LOL.... I'm moving more towards Networking, I'm really enjoying what networking involves. I worked for a Telecom company supporting DSL, IPTV. VOIP, FTTP and FTTN and that involved supporting VPWS's, VPLS's, I really liked the network trouble shooting tools we used. Tracking packets, analyzing and processing packets, using global tools to test equipment in the cloud..I even got my hands on some layer 2 & 3 7750 and 7450 switches and routers (from a logical stand point, not physical)... Every one that I know that does Systems Administration says networking is boring but I see different.
  3. terrence

    CCNA Diary(how To Start Study?)

    Faisal and sadikhov family, I need some serious advice I feel like I am having a mid life crises. After reading this AWESOME thread it hit me " I need to specialize in one particular area and become the best I can at it". I'm 26 years old and have 10+ years in the IT industry and for the most part I've been a generalist, not a guru in one specialize area but just working with various technology. In my 10+ years I've been a Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Field Systems Support, Desktop Support, Systems administrator and plenty of other titles. After reading this post I have a better understanding between the job functions and technology used between a Systems Engineer and a Network Engineer "Light Bulb". At times I feel like I wasted a lot of time At the present moment I have a MCSE, Citrix 4.5, CWNA and working on CCNA. It's like I have this Thirst for IT that I can't seem to quinch. I read in an earlier post how a Systems Engineer work with MS, Red Hat, HP ect and how a Network Engineer works with Cisco, juniper, 3com ect.. at times everything feels so redundant, doing backup, retrieving back ups, fixing network printing issues, creating NT accounts, disabling NT accounts, granting share permissions, removing share permissions .........modifing GP, NTFS permissions.....on and on and on and on... Did I wast my time and energy getting my MCSE if I do decide going all in with Networking? Can some one give me some advice or words of wisdom?
  4. terrence

    ~passed~ 70-298

    There are new sims through out the entire exam and I had 10. They are all pretty simple if you're experience with XP PRO. I passed 930/1000. Make sure you know permissions and UAC. All and All it was a good experience!
  5. terrence

    ~passed~ 70-298

    I'm scheduled to take my exam this Wednesday, I been using Vista for the past year so I felt it was best to shoot for this one instead of 70-291. Wish me luck and congrats to every one who passed it.