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  1. Hi there I am posting a new subject after many months, hope someone will help me My office was running with a 2003 server domain controller and 2008R2 additional domian controller- And few days before my DC decided to die which lead to the non functioning of many DC roles. and i did siezed all the FSMO roles forcily because the DC was not available. Now the 2008R2 is the DC for me. Surprisingly after few days the old DC ( 2003 server ) decided to work again after i claned the whole server HDD connectors. Now i want to know what are the steps to decide that my new DC (20008R2) has siezed all roles. So that i can dcpromo the old 2003 server with all respect and say goodbye to that machine. Any help? Regards
  2. Dear All, From our home PC, we are able to access email using OWA successfully without any problem. All users of our office are facing problems that they can not access emails using OWA. Users enter their user ids and passwords and when hit ENTER, nothgin seems to happen and Main screen asking for User id and password pops up again. After three unsuccessful tries, we get an error message: ACCESS DENIED. Please note that under office Outlook, we are still able to access our email without any problem.and this error happens only when accessing the OWA from inside the office through the ISA sever, but the same case if by pass ISA and use any other internet gateway, we are able to access the OWA without any error message. All other users who are traveling other places are still able to access their emails on OWA so problem seems to be limited to our office. However, no parameter has been changed either in Server or PCs. We are using ISA sever 2006, Exchange sever 2003 and Microsoft office 2007 Can you please let me know the reason behind it please? we are also facing the same problem, when our users try to access the OWA from any of our Branch office using the ISA sever present there ( Using a PC of that particular branch office) Can any of you please help me to solve this problem? I tried this option in ISA sever.... Publishing the Exchange Web Access Clents --- but still the same these were the steps i followed while trying the above.... Publish Exchange Web Client Access---- Name ---- Selected the exchange version and outlook web access is checked----selected the publish a single site or load balancer--selected the non-secured connections to publsih the websever--given the complete DNS name of the Exchange server--- access request for this domain and Given the public name ( the name of the domain) ------selected the web listeners ( OWA LISTENERS) --- and selected the NTLM authentication-- and added the all authenticated Users---finish Please let me know, if anyone can help me Thanks RIJU
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    MS Exchange Caneder issue

    Hello :( No helping hand for me??? :(
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    Internet Explrer Password reminder

    Thanks for the reply, i Tried with Yahoo account and gmail account, but seems to be not working :( i opended manage password tab and added the website, username and password as prompted and saved that, but when opening either yahoo or gmail, it is asking for the username and password as how it does ask before i just tried this before trying to my ERP website, can u plz tell me if i am doing wrong?? Thanks R
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    Internet Explrer Password reminder

    Hi, I wanna know if i can get back the option do u want internet Explorer to remember ths passowrd .. i done selecting promt me to save password options from content of internet explorer tools.. it is asking websites like Gmail, but i am using a utility our ERP software which uses the virtual keyboard, and i am really fed up of searching for the keys everytime as it changes the postion freequently.. and my erp gets timed out very fast........ so i need to login myltiple times in a day... i just wanna got out of this mess, so that it reminds my password and i can selct it wheneven it gets timed out thanks
  6. Hi, Me again This time i guess i am asking something genuine I want to change the time of my organisation, and it is tough for me to change from each PCs as we have 254 PCs, can anyone tell me if there is any option, so that if i change the Time from The DOMAIN CONTROLLER, that wil automatically affect to to the Clent Pcs Thanks RIJU
  7. Hi, Can i start asking you a simple question? ( for those Techie Guys) I recently bought a new laptop, which apparently having Windows Vista Home Basic, And i normally use for watching movie and browsing, Now my problem is I am not in a position to remove or disable recently opended documents....... I tried GPEDIT.MSC , and i read from other thread that it is not vaialable with Home Editions, so can i ask any other option so that i can remove the recently opened documents or Disable the recently opended documents listing out please? Thanks Riju PlZ also note tat i am not able to select the option something which is down after the start menu and classic start menu.. I am the Only ( admin) user