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  1. Hi Guys Can anyone tell me what version on ISE Cisco are using in their exams? I have a copy of 2.4 but all the docsvideos seem to be using 1.2 and there is a considerable difference between the 2 versions. Device Identity doesnt seem to exist in 2.4 :( If this is going to cause me issues with the exam I will drop down to 1.2 and worry about 2.4 at a later date. Thanks guys J
  2. karrion

    Ccnp switch

    Passed today on my 2nd attempt.. :D Although I think the reason was because the questions were almost identical to my previous failed attempt, all my 4 labs were the same, I spent alot of time on these so I think I got them right. Definately the toughest exam so far and the 642-813 Official Study Guide and BCMSN Books are not enough to pass so be prepared to break out the labs and some more books on design and planning stuff may come in handy. 1 down.. 2 to go. Good luck if your retaking the test soon, I hope the gods look kindly upon you. K
  3. karrion

    Ccnp switch

    BTW.. I have almost exactly the same setup for my CCNP lab. 2 X 3550s 2 X 2950s and a 2960 The only thing I couldnt successfully do was the Private Vlans. The 3550s just dont support it I ended up spending $20.00 for 6 hours on a remote CCIE lab, they had a couple of 3560s in there that support it and I was able to get through dot1x, PVLANs and VACLs in one session. Hope this helps people K
  4. karrion

    Ccnp switch

    I agree I failed today with a 709 I found there was very little about this in the official certification guide, Very Very hard exam IMO.. Can anyone point my in the right direction for addtional study materials, I notice CBTN just released their CBTs but 802.1x labs would be a huge bonus Bad to the drawing board K