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  1. Scales

    Try again

    I have a question: In terms of starting the CCIE journey, where do you recommend to start?
  2. Scales

    Advice on BGP path selection please

    I haven't read everything above or have the time to try to fully understand what you are doing. However, MED is a fairly weak BGP attribute and not all AS's honour it. A better way to influence traffic inbound is to use AS path pre-pending. Good luck.
  3. Scales

    QoS Classification Question

    Thanks Vijay, stupid question I know.
  4. Hi Guys, Wondering if someone can answer this for me. If I have a class-map that contains Match protocol IP does this match all IP traffic?
  5. Scales

    CCIE R&S Written Passed

    Is the BCMSN/SWITCH FLG enough to cover all of the switching topics on the CCIE exam? Or is there another book people recommend?
  6. Scales

    How to put your certification in your resume/ C.V.

    Hi, Just put the certification in your Resume as CCNA. Do not put your cisco ID. If you get an interview, bring a photocopy of it with you plus copies of any other certifications you have. If they want to see your certifications beforehand you can publish your credentials to them via the cisco certification website.
  7. Scales

    Why do people make flawed networks

    Ahem, Purely in the interest of science....start some broadcasts in the network...and run Kidding.
  8. Scales


    Hello, This is a stupid question, I am looking for the page on the cisco website where you download PDLMs. Does anyone know where this is located? Edit: As is typical when i post something asking for help. I have found it.
  9. Scales

    Data Center Subnet

    Its hard to give advice with such limited information. Are you able to post a network diagram?
  10. Scales

    Know it, or just got the cert!

    News Flash: You writing Cisco Certified Whatever, Master of XYZ, Bachelor of Anything on your resume will get you an interview. Thats it. Nothing more. The knowledge you learned from doing the above mentioned Qualification should come out in the interview. The interview is meant to help you choose the right candidate. So you found out someone in the interview wasn't who they said they were, Congratulations - process working as intended.
  11. MPLS Exam Passed. INE MPLS Bootcamp MPLS and VPN Architectures MPLS Fundamentals (some of it not all) MPLS Student Guide GNS 3640 Telco Image.
  12. Scales

    Know it, or just got the cert!

    Alot of people get nervous in interviews so thats why some people forget the basics but somehow remember the complicated stuff. When I have interviewed people in the past, I usually start with basic subnetting questions (how many in a /25, /29 etc) to get their mind working and relaxed.
  13. Hi Guys, Got a problem i really need help with. I have two ASA 5520's connected via a x-over cable (via management port) configured for failover (active/standby). Both ASA's have 1000Mb ethernet ports connected to a fastethernet switch. I am moving the standby firewall onto a new 1000mb switch, that is trunked to the fastethernet switch. My question: when i move the standby firewall, because that is now connected at 1000mb instead of 100mb, will it try and become the new Active Firewall? Thanks in advance!
  14. Scales

    642-832 TSHOOT - Bulldog DVDs

    The TSHOOT exam is very hands on. Do the demo online, familiarise yourself with the actual topology on the exam (available on the cisco learning network) and you should be able to do the exam, providing you are familiar with the topics from ROUTE and SWITCH
  15. Scales

    Passed CCNP-TSHOOT

    Did you try the online Demo of the exam before you went for it?