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  1. JetX

    Cisco or CompTIA?

    Go for CCNA.
  2. JetX

    Carrer advice in Security

    Get your local job ads then look for the requirements for Career in security. But normally you shouldn't be thinking on that regards since you won't be hired unless you have enough experience.
  3. JetX

    Help on Salary

    In IT salary does not particularly relate to the degree you obtained but mostly based on your knowledge and experience. Try to obtain experience for now or else you'll get too old and no longer qualified and you won't be able to obtain your expected salary.
  4. JetX

    Confused college Grad on IT Path

    I suggest you obtain MCSE instead. Try to look at your local job ads and look for the jobs you want then check the certification requirements.
  5. 1. You don't need programming knowledge to be successful in the networking field. I suggest you read the CCNA book by todd lammle to get an idea on the command needed to configure router and switch. But what you'll notice is that it's just commands not programming and you don't need to think of any logic to work on it. 2. I suggest you go on Computer Science. Not all subject in computer science are programming but research. Even if you get a low grade as long as you managed to pass those subject, your chance of finding a job is far better than if you are BS Network grad. Now since you're decided that your current interest is networking, then go for it, it's better than nothing at all. 1. For now read todd lammle CCNA book, you don't need to take the CCNA exam, try to self study that and simulate using Packet Tracer 5.0 or 5.1. Yeah there's GNS3, a much better simulator, but don't worry 'bout that, GNS3 are intended for professional and most of the time confuse entry level, so I suggest you use Packet Tracer. 2. If Todd lammle books is quite hard to understand then, try to use Cisco Discovery 4. 3. Try to learn how to actually crimp Cat5e cable and coaxial 4. Do your best to learn PC Assemble(Cloning), Setup, repair and Troubleshooting. Well some companies might not require it, but you could use that as edge to other applicants.
  6. How 'bout Thin Client?
  7. JetX

    learning c programing

    is there any reason why you want to learn C? if none, try Java instead, most school nowadays use java as first programming language instead of C and Pascal.
  8. JetX

    Best Certification to do after RHCE

    Yeah Oracle is great. Besides big companies have lot's of money to spend on Oracle. But you don't need to obtain DB Cert unless you plan to work as DB Admin which most of the time requires programming knowledge and experience as well.
  9. JetX

    Best Certification to do after RHCE

    LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) = what you'll commonly find on job ads which requires Linux. Go for MySQL. Certification is optional, just make sure you obtain the needed knowledge.
  10. JetX

    undecidedable future

    If I could turn back time, I'll take Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering not BS Computer Science, main reason is that I could take board exam and excel in IT at the same time. Perhaps my view could help you choose your career.
  11. JetX

    SSCP Vs Security+

    check your local job ads, which one is required. If you can't figure out, go for Security+ although it's quite expensive.
  12. JetX

    IT University in US

    Go for MIT
  13. JetX

    Career advice..?

    try not to worry if it's network experience or not. for now, grab the opportunity since it would help you to establish contact (people networks). While at it, try to find another job.
  14. Not all company use Cisco. So fo a career on Information Security, you better check out your local job ads and find out the certification requirements. Then obtain that requirements.
  15. too expensive. Try to obtain in class Master degree instead of online one.