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  1. Back on to the MCTS - Win 7 Track ( from scratch) :-}

  2. Hi Did you manage to go for it and did you get the job Good Luck
  3. Bogus1195

    Good Microsoft Certified Programs

    I would also suggest you with the Windows 7 ( thou it is a bit harder than XP ) . Check out the MS Learning Page as suggested to knnow more aboout the differnt options MS has .
  4. Stuck with DNS ( No More Motivation!!!)

    1. Lethe


      Lol what's the problem with DNS it is so cute ;) Just kidding, let me know if there is something I can help you with L.

  5. Bogus1195

    Realtel Audio Drivers Issue

    I am unable to remove my Realtek Audio Drivers inslled on my PC ( version ) Get a error message saying pls "" pls make sure previous setup o other applications are closed ERROR NO : 5009 : 0x800802b - cant anyone help I am running XP and jus freshly installed my OS ( so no mlware o virus ) could it be any windows update thats causing the issue my mobo is simmtronics 845 gv :-(
  6. looking for Sec+ Vouchers :-(

  7. Bogus1195

    junior systems engineer

    firstly all the best and google for some interview tips like body langauge + dressing codes - coz first impression always i repeat always count as for the question refer to your job spec like wat do you deal with AD / Exchange / etc Jus brush up on diff topics related to your spec lastly all the best
  8. Bogus1195

    Where should I start with MCSE?

    Charger == Your are the Man Cheers Mate Good one
  9. Bogus1195

    Security + 201 level of difficulty

    Well dont worry .. i was aware the sec+ older versions exams were worded very badly but i was told the 2007 exams were much better.. its time comptia sorts this issue out..........
  10. Bogus1195

    Cerifications - Koenig Review

    Well i would also vouch for self study - diff ppl diff choices but for myself i can see how i can learn and understand a concept in 2 weeks where as if by self study ou could set up labs and crack on them hard enough till u understand the concept - having said that someone prefer being taught so the choices are yours all the best
  11. Bogus1195

    MCSE Start

    Hi mateeq congrats on your Pass as for the MCSE you can jus go a forum search where you can find loads of info for it . Alternatively as charger pointed jus click on the link @ microsoft which should give u a brief explanation all the best
  12. Hi Sadhikovans well i seem to be having a network issue with a user in my domain - i have a user who seem to able to login while not connected to the company network but is unable to login when plugged on to the network. i know there is a simple security setting in windows (security policy ) - but am unable to find them - help anyone pls
  13. Bogus1195

    passed SY0-101

    Well congrats Ppl planning to take mine soon we will see how it goes .. all the best
  14. Bogus1195

    Security+ SY0-101 best materials?

    hi all the best with ur Sec+ i am also planning to take mine ( studying on + off for the last 3 - 4 months ) as for the books i would recommend you Syngress as that seems to be a popular choice from Certified Sec+ ppl and u can also use the Sybex as well well i find the syngress book a long drag but jus about managing it ... the only thing that annoys me it the price of the exam 200 GBP which is a way to lot any how will c how it goes All the best once again
  15. Bogus1195

    Cd Drive Error

    guys thanks for all your help and solutions bluefin mate thanks lot i tried searching and deleting the upper filter and lower filter and i can see the missing cd rom device now( some hope now) but when i insert a cd and click on the cd drive to read the cd it gives msg " please insert cd in drive .." counting you on you ppl this as well many thanks