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  1. mjwdr

    wireless speed

    Hello, I am in a wireless network and about 20 laptops are connected to a Cisco router. although we all download from the same website with Internet download manager but Dell laptops ' download speed is much faster than other brands like HP, Toshiba and Samsung. other laptops sometimes can reach the same speed as Dell, but the speed of Dell laptops is always good and better, even the old Dell laptops download better. can you please explain me the reason for this speed difference. Thank you
  2. mjwdr

    Domain Advice

    Hello all, There is a workgroup with 20 PC and all are connected by a wireless router.I want to upgrade to a Domain. do you think I should use a switch instead of wireless router for connection between client and server because I am a little concern about network traffics and speed such as login traffic and ... ?????? can I use a wireless router as switch for such network??? can I limit internet connectivity with a ISA server. i want just a few user have access to internet during the working hours and after working hours I want internet be free to all user. thanks
  3. mjwdr

    Internet limitation

    Hello All, How can I limit internet connectivity with windows server 2003. I mean, i want some staff to use internet from 1_3 pm and not all hours. After working hours I want all users have access to internet withot restriction. How can I play this scenario? Thanks in advance
  4. mjwdr

    path after mcsa

    Hello friends, I got my MCSA certificate on windows sever 2003 and CCNA on 2009. now I am going to continue my studying on networking subject but I am kind of lost amongs the new certificates and new technology that I dont know what route I must take. I would like you to help me choose the best path, should I go toward certificates like MCITP or Cisco Certificates like CCNP/CCSP? just let me know about the name of certificates or technologies that are more valuable and practical in the world now. I really appreciate it
  5. mjwdr

    Windows Mobile

    Hi Everyone I have a I900 Samsung mobile that Windows mobile 6.1 Professional Italy language is installed on it. I want to change a windows to English versian. How Can I buy or download the windows and how can I install it? thanks
  6. mjwdr

    windows mobile

    Hi i bought a samsung mobile I900 from my friend. the language of phone is Italy because the windows is italy and version of windows is 6.1 how can I have a english version of windows mobile and change it? thanks
  7. mjwdr

    MCSA to ?

    Hi eveyone I have MCSA 2003 and now I want to countinue, but I dont know that I go on for MCSE 2003 or toward MCITP system administrator and MCITP Enterprise administrator. what is your recommendation? your Idea is very important. go for old technology ( win server 2003) or ( win server 2008 ) thanks. another question: does the person that have MCITP Enterprise have knowledge of person that have MCSE 2003 ?
  8. mjwdr


    Hi everyone I have a question: I passed 4 exam of microsoft and complete my MCSA . when I order my certificate I just Receive a Certficate of MCSA and one ID card that write MCP MCSA on it. is it ok? or i should receive more certificate I mean one for MCP and one for MCSA and one ID card for MCP and one for MCSA. thanks
  9. mjwdr

    TO: not auto complete

    hi everyone when I want to send an email from OWA ( Outlook Web Access ) or Yahoo mail , in the TO: email@example.com this box is not automatic complete. for example I want to: when I type the first word then show complete address to select. I also have emails in contact list. SO why does not complete automatically? please send me instruction for setting thanks alot
  10. mjwdr

    extra local drive

    thanks for reply but no one add new local drive to my computer , and this is not a new drive, because this driver cannot be format. and in the Disk Management I can not see this Local Drive. so? it is better to know that my laptop is HP 530. and I think some HP laptop have this kind of problem. so what is solution?
  11. mjwdr

    extra local drive

    hi everyone in my computer one extra Local drive named Z: is appear automatically with 76 GB size when I click to open , appear message that do you want to format and when I click yes, no possible to format I check disk management but this Local Driver is not there. what is problem? any solution? thank you
  12. mjwdr


    Hi everyone In the office we have 2 HP printer 1315 and 1513 that is broken I think, the problem is that when I turn on printers the Paper and Cartridge indicator both light up, but there is cartridge which is good and full and also there is paper. what is problem? any solution ? thanks
  13. mjwdr


    Hi for visiting blocked website use software proxy. I think Cproxy is very good also you can use U86 proxy software download this from www.cproxy.com
  14. mjwdr

    printer problem

    are you sharing Printer with PC NetBios Name or via Ip address of the PC. even the Static ip of PC gives problems, try to share the printer with PC name the one that its connected to Hi excuse me, I do not understand what you mean? how with Bios or Ip address? on windows vista I just type for example // then after shared appear I right click on shared printer and then connect. how should I do? thanks
  15. mjwdr

    money website

    Hi everyone I want to ask a question? are the websites that offer free money for visiting real or not? I heard that with visiting website and email we can earn money . are these real? if it is ok , please offer some good website that we can earn money with visiting and checking mail. thanks