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    Help Compaq v2000 not recognizing harddrive

    thanks man i taced the fault down to the connector on the HDD, once i changed it, everythingb was ok. thanks again.
  2. Hi The details are Initialy, it stopped booting, showing 'pxe-e61: media test failure' error, so, I ran an HDD test and got 'No IDE dedvice' msg, I then disabled the Network adapter option in the boot order, and made the HDD 1st in the boot order. At this point the pxe-e61 error stopped flashing and it seemed like it was going to boot but it never progressed. I tried reloading the OS but it could not detect the HDD and so could not be completed. I have changed the HDD to new ones twice but the problem still exists. Any Help to restore the detection of my HDD would be much appreciated Thanks in advance