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  1. sirkozz

    xirrus wireless solution

    “doubles range & coverage”? So 20th century; modern WLAN design focuses on throughput and capacity not range; more AP’s less power more capacity better throughput. Best radio on the market is Moto’s but nobody today would keep a job designing for “range & coverage”; as to management, all enterprise class gear gives you the basics of WLAN hardware management, some better or easier than others; its why Aruba keeps getting market share, cheap, and basically out of the box WLAN, no config, I guess if it’s not mission critical or anything like that its ok, right? Good Luck!!!
  2. sirkozz

    Differences Between Skiing And Snowboarding

    Damn Mark, you totally musta had a bad day, me i can't complain working in Hawaii for a month, beats -20F back home!!!
  3. AIR-AP1042-N-E-K9 is a "heavy weight" AP does not need controller; should be able to convert to LW with right IOS image, why sh CDP shows nothing?. You need AIR-LAP1042-N-E-K9 "light weight" AP's.
  4. sirkozz

    Tor on an iphone4

    BQOBD long time buddy!!! Hope all is well, can’t complain myself. Read reviews, horrible, I was referencing http://www.ehow.com/how_7452508_set-up-tor-iphone.html Just wondering if someone here has done this; I’m not at all familiar with the iphone so maybe that’s it? tia
  5. sirkozz

    Tor on an iphone4

    anyone get a Tor client to work on an iphone4 tia
  6. sirkozz

    CWNA best practices

    First off I have never taken PW105 I did take the original PW100 years ago. I've got an A+, net+, sec+, and server+ and I'm hoping to try for this cert. in about a month's time. Is that a realistic timeframe? Not if you don’t work in WLAN and want to know this stuff; try six months minimum. I also wonder about the study method. I've been thinking about buying the study kit directly from the cwnp website for about $200. It includes the practice test, 802.11n video, sybex book for 105, and an exam voucher Good deal it’s what I did for the PW200. Please let me know your thoughts. I'm also going to start studying for the CCNA starting in Jan through WGU an online university. My second term there. Anyway, would love to hear anyone's thoughts on the career paths plural this could lead to and any experiences you have professionally. Salaries associated and so on. Look at WLAN admin jobs most are looking for a CWNA +CCNP, there is a lot to know to be an adequate WLAN admin, you need to know R+S before you can add WLAN to the LAN. I would be a junior level admin going in to anything. There are no entry level WLAN admin jobs. Right now I'm a nationwide tech basically. I make decent money but I'm looking to get a better paying job and get into an admin position rather than a tech. Get a CCNA and WLAN experience 1st. Again please let me know what you think career wise and anything else you would like to add. A CWNA with your other certs would have been good 5+ years ago not anymore, even with a CCNP you’re looking @80k with experience and all that, of course if you’re willing to travel add 40K, but those kinda jobs are very rare these days. No one is going to hire a WLAN admin with just a CWNA anymore, even if you know your stuff, cause at that level they expect you to be able to back up the senior admins. Good Luck!!!
  7. sirkozz

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    You missed the point Cisco WLC’s don’t run IOS, so you have to know a separate CLI from standard IOS. I do like controllers generally just hate Cisco controllers it’s all gui, [censored] that. As to drinking the Aruba kool-aid, sorry no thanx, see I work in the fortune500 realm and look at the way Aruba tries to be all things to all environments and think about the fact that I need only 2 things from a WLAN for it to work and for it to integrate into my existing LAN with all the security measures in place, think smart cards and key fobs. I don’t need any of those features typically that you speak of, heck I work in environments where it can take 2 days to get guest WLAN access. So from that perspective you can see how Aruba is just ok, it’s just on a level with Cisco for me, with Moto still at the top, sorry price and having the best radio on the market just wins out for me, see in the days of 900MHz I never could have dreamed of a radio like a 7131 being possible. Good Luck!!!
  8. Martin I get it nslookup and all that kinda stuff just that google has multiple IP’s and multiple domains that I need to block and was just wondering if there was an easier way then by IP. Thanx for you help Btw any real fall weather in MN, haven’t had a decent snowfall yet and I live in Northen New England, 52° today wtf?
  9. The reason I ask is I want to block google and all forms of it and just wondered if there was a way to block by domain name vs. IP. tia
  10. sirkozz

    What is the Best wireless product ?

    That list is kinda old now, Cisco is Cisco and would rather use anything but, I hate WLC’s; sorry non-IOS just sucks, Moto Wing5 rocks nothing better, Aruba right where it always is, the old Azaela stuff for outdoors is really nice almost as good as stuff like Firetide, and then everybody else.
  11. is it possible to block a domain name on stand-alone win7 using win firewall? tia
  12. shouldn't this be in training centers??? http://www.sadikhov.com/forum/index.php?/forum/111-training-centers/
  13. save config and reboot
  14. sirkozz

    iphone woes?

    All, just last week I received an iphone from work replacing my venerable BB8330. Now before I continue the BB replaced a Treo 700w; great computer, poor phone. The reason that I mention this is that while the Treo had a touchscreen (computer) it also had a keyboard (phone); this makes it sooo much easier to use the phone as a phone without looking at it; think driving in Manhattan; safety first; right??? I guess what I’m asking is how long does it take to get used to such a pos; I mean my fingers are so big typing is useless, just using the touchscreen can take toooo much time??? I mean is this the reason why iphone users are always staring both blank and dumbfounded on their phones for hours at a time or what??? Now for the basic question; what’s the learning curve on this pos???
  15. Wow this is not an entry level project; heck it’s not even just a Network Engineer’s job but must include someone who knows some real server products MS/Linux/whatever. As a WLAN guy the wireless side is easy but the rest; AD or LDAP or ACS or some other flavor of authentication, heck maybe some kind of “role based access control” where users are dumped onto specific VLAN’s based on their user credentials; really neat stuff! I mean do you have a single account database or is it distributed across the WAN? I mean; I don’t even know all the right questions to ask a customer? Good Luck!!! & God Bless