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  1. Hi All , Looking for colleagues/frnds with whom group can be formed for security lab.I am based in mumbai and ideally prefer mumbaites however world is small place so its fine if you are not from mumbai. you can PM me on and we will take it from there. Anil Gangwani CCIE R&S (24749)
  2. From mumbai : I can join u.... Please PM me...
  3. Yes as rightly pointed out this could be because of incorrect natting which is getting denied. check nat exemption.
  4. Refer the below link for step to step guide
  5. Getting temperature exceeding on one of the slots on 4900M switch Air Outlet shows warning when issued show environment temperature command air outlet 42C (44C,58C,66C) warning air inlet 33C (43C,57C,65C) ok Fantray status shows ok power supply status ok ambient temperature is ok as no other switch in same rack is facing any problem. Any suggestion most welcome !
  6. What could be possible reason for getting warning temperature exceeded on one of the slots of 4900M switch. Fantray status shows ok ambient temperature and cooling in the rack OK no other switch in vincinity facing such issue.