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  1. worldforyou

    RDP Issue

    Thanks for your reply i tried this settings after that also we have the same problem in my office we have different version of RDP (6.0.6001,6.0.700X,7.0.1XXX......)in windows 7/windows 7 SP1 Windows Server 2008 (SP1 or SP2) 1. Logon to the Terminal Services computer as an administrator 2. Start--Run gpedit.msc, click Continue if prompted by UAC 3. In the left pane, under Computer Configuration, navigate to following: Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Terminal Server\Remote Session Environment 4. In the right pane, double-click on Set compression algorithm for RDP data 5. Select Enabled, and choose Balances memory and network bandwidth 6. Click OK to save the change any other option is their to resolve this issue Thanks in Advance
  2. worldforyou

    RDP Issue

    HI All, Usually we are taking RDP to the client Servers and do our work , we are connected to one of our client using ip filtering so when ever i connect the servers through my network it will connect not other network usually we are taking remote desktop to the server(windows 2008 SP2), using 1 user ld with 2 sections (some people taking remote section using this ID when ever they need from windows 7,XP and Vista ), some times we are facing issue from one of the section. Issue : Because of a protocol error, this session will be disconnected. Please try connecting to the remote computer again. i find the solution from net no use Please give the correct solution for this issue.
  3. worldforyou

    Fortigate Firewall VPN issue

    HI friends, we have Fortigate 80C firewall in my office, this is having inbuild VPN,UTM and ex.. we are connecting a client's servers for easy access they configute IP filtering and they add our static ip address so my network users onlycan access the clients servers always, we are able to connect client servers and we are using those servers using RDP(remote Desktop) BUT we are not able to take RDP from staff's home using VPN it means our staff's accessing office network through VPN (inbulit in Fortigate Firewall) and able to take RDP in my office Systems, At the time they are not able to connect client's servers because fortigate firewall provide 10.0.0.xd network address when we are connectiong through VPN(my network in 192.168.3.X) so staffs connecting clients servers, clients network ip filtering is blocking the ip address Please give me the configuration: when we are connecting VPN the firewall will provide the same ip address,mask,and gateway what we are using (192.168.3.X) i think: the firewall provide the ip and gateway same as we are using we can able to access the clients servers from staffs home itself if you have any ideas about this please reply to me Thanks, Chand
  4. worldforyou

    SFTP server connection

    HI Friends , In my office we have firewall and ftp server our clients need the server connections with SFTP so i download CoreFTP server and configure it but its not connected using SFTP ( i can't check with FTP because its already running using windows ) i have this error SFTP connection error - Connection timed out Can't establish connection --> <ip address > @ Mon May 28 11:59:47 2012 (10038-10060) i don't know why this error coming Please give some Ideas.
  5. Hi friends , i am using MS outlook 2007 for sending and receiving mails, its connected to yahoomail for some reason i backup my .PST file and reinstall the OS (windows7),i configure the new MS outlook 2007 with my mail id and connect my old pst file (backuped pst file ) its working but all old mails around 2 years mails are received but i don't want the old mails so please tell me how to prevent/stop old mails download
  6. worldforyou

    CMOS battery low Error

    Thanks , after that i try to on the laptop with out battery its not working and power indicator not glow after that we realize " because of some problem battery didn't get charged so its display 'CMOS BATTERY lOW Press F2 to resume' anyone know at which part is having the problem (laptop not getting power supply ) if i can give to service center how much cost it will take for the service please give some good ideas
  7. worldforyou

    CMOS battery low Error

    When i switch on my laptop i see this message i can't enter AMI BIOS© 2005 American Megatrends, Inc. BIOS Date:07/02/07 Ver:205 HCL Infosystems Limited CPU: Genuine Intel ® CPU T2080 @1.73GHZ Press F2 to run Press ESC for BBS POPUP initializing USB controllers . . Done. 896MB OK + 128MB Shared Memory Auto-Dedetcing Pri Slave... ATAPI CD ROM Auto-detecing 3RD Master IDE hard dissk pRI SLAVE : oPTICAR DVD rw AD-5540A 2.62 ultra DMA Mode-6 , S.M.A.R... cAPABLE AND sTATUS ok auto6detecting usb mASS sTORAE devicse . . 00 USB mass storage devices found and configured. CMOS BATTERY lOW Press F2 to resume If i press F2 its asking password i didn't set any password how can i solve the problem ?
  8. worldforyou

    microsoft outlook recovery

    Hi friends i solve the problem the problem is when i copy the pst file its having only the read permission initially i checked the security permission and all but this is missing after change the permission its working good Thanks for you reply
  9. worldforyou

    uninstall in exchange server 2010

    Hi Friends, i am using windows 2008 enterprises sp2 64 bit OS i installed exchange server 2010 (64 bit ) its not working so i planed reinstall exchange server unfortunately i uninstall the Active directory and DNS and configure new DNS and Active Directory with Another DNS name now system is not working properly LAN ,services , troubleshooting and etc. are not working properly and mainly i can't uninstall the exchange server 2010 please give the idea to uninstall and reinstall the exchange server 2010 as early as possible Thanks S.Chandraseker
  10. worldforyou

    vista product key

    hi i check the laptop back side some letters are not viewable (it means erased) in sticker
  11. worldforyou

    vista product key

    hi friends my friend is using compaq laptop with inbuild windows vista home premium sp1 64 bit OS unfortunately i reinstalling the OS without key their is no key available to us how can i get my original key or any option is their please tell me
  12. worldforyou

    microsoft outlook recovery

    hi friends i am using microsoft windows outlook 2007 in my office i saved my pst file to d drive and i changed my os vista to windows 7 after that i created new outlook and delete new pst file and try to connect the old pst file (on d drive ) but i can't i got the error "permission denied" i give the all permission to that user but i didn't get i try to recovery one of the recovery software show all mails but its ask to resister what can i do please tell me any options or any recovery software with key
  13. Hi friends i have 2 servers one main server and one secondary server (it means 2 server with one active directory ) now i got new server with high configuration i want to copy all settings and all dates to new server from main server and i have to run new server likd old main server how its passible give the idea
  14. worldforyou

    set the proxy address

    Friens I am having windows server and I configured proxy also (add And I have Linux server (red hat) some browser s are available But I don’t know how to configure the proxy address ( port no 3124) On the browser and red hat server Please tell me how to configure the address
  15. Hi friendds i am new oracle user and installed oracle server in windows server 2003 using oracle 10g and i installed client also in Xp system but i want to know how to connect the oracle client into oracle server and how to create client username and password (all users are using sqlplus ) and how can i open oracle in Internet Explorer