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    hello friends, can you please answer these questions: 1) What extra features we get in vCenter server Essentials when compared with vCenter server Standard? 2) Is it possible to have some ESX servers upgraded to 4.0 from 3.5 in our infrastructure and some left at the same old ESX 3.5 level? Do they co-exist? If they co-exist, can we manage ESX 3.5 and ESX 4.0 servers with the same vCenter server 4.0? cheers
  2. jdsony


    hello friends, i would like to start learning citrix. i don't know where to start. i have got tutorials for citrix xen app presentation server 5 and citrix access gateway. can any body just let me know whats the difference between them and which one among these two is the right one to start with. any guidance would be really helpful. thank you in anticipation for all those who reply to this post. cheers
  3. jdsony

    VMware doubts

    guys, i have got several doubts on VMware ESX. can you please reply me if you know the answers to any one of the below questions thank you in anticipation for all those who reply for my questions. 1) How do we install ESX on the SAN to boot it off the SAN? 2)how do we back up SQL data base of Virtual Center Server? is it something that a SQL DBA takes care of or do we have to do it as a VMware Admin? 3)while installing VCenter server, its asking to install apache tomcat server. Why is that? this is with ESX 3.5 4)do we need a separate license for VCenter server apart from the licenses we buy for ESX servers? 5)if 2 virtual machine port groups are on two different VLANs, in order to route them, do we need to configure a vyatta router. How do we do that if we are not a Cisco guy? 6)we only give IP numbers for Service consoles and Vmkernals but not to virtual machine port groups. if so, how do those VMs on those virtual machine port groups know what their IP numbers are? if we want a static IP number for a VM, do we have to configure it inside windows of a VM? 7) is Virtual Machine Power off a graceful shutdown? 8) what happens when we pause a Virtual Machine? i think there is no such option in an original physical windows machine. then what does this pause VM means? 9)How many RDP sessions can be done simultaneously to a windows 2003 or 2008 server? 10)How many vsphere clients can access the vcenter server simultaneously?
  4. jdsony

    DHCP and Subnet

    Thanks for the reply mate. any more suggestions please?
  5. jdsony

    DHCP and Subnet

    hi friends, can we lease out IP addresses with different network addresses in the same subnet? suppose if there is a DHCP server and it has got two different scopes in a superscope with network id ranges (Scope1- to and (Scope2- to there is only one subnet and all the computers are attached to the same physical link. then can we lease out different ip addresses to different computers from the above said different scopes? all the computers are connected to the same router as they are in a same subnet and if we lease out to a computer, its gateway would be and if we lease out to a different computer, its gateway would be how can we give different gateway numbers to the same router? does it work out like this. i hope i detailed my doubt properly and if u don't get what i mean, just let me know i will try to elaborate it. please reply me as i am stuck with this. please see the attached file to get the picture clearly cheers dhcp.bmp
  6. jdsony

    Best CBT?

    hi mate, jeremy cioara is an amazing mentor to teach us CCNA. he makes u spellbound with his wonderful teaching. awesome man. i can't think of any body else when it comes to CCNA. he has released his latest versions for CCNA Voice and CCNA Security recently. otherwise just stick on to his older versions of ICND1 and ICND2. Testout is also ok. but i feel no one can beat Jeremy. i really fascinate him. i know there is no accounting for tastes. just give a try. when it comes to MCSE, i prefer CBT for 70-270. i can't recommend CBT for other papers as i am really not impressed. i don't even know what to suggest on the other papers as i am not sure as of now. all the best cheers
  7. hello friends, i have got both xp and server 2003 installed on my laptop on different drives. while xp detects my dvd writer, server 2003 doesn't. i don't think i need to install any specific drivers for a dvd writer. isn't it? would there be any obvious reasons for this? also i have got a maxtor external hard disk of 160GB. XP autodetects it where as 2003 doesn't at all. any suggestions please. thank you in anticipation
  8. jdsony

    full form of .msc and .cpl

    hi folks, does anybody know the full form of .msc we use in the commandline commands for microsoft management consoles. i mean compmgmt.msc... like that. and also the full form of .cpl in appwiz.cpl please cheers
  9. jdsony

    ISA Server 2004 Help

    hello mate, does your isa server have two ethernet cards then? your lan has got two IP networks starting with 172 series. u need to attach each one of these networks to to each one of these ethernet cards on the isa server. did u do that?
  10. jdsony

    can't ping

    Hi friends, Thanks for your replies and sorry that I couldn’t get back to you. I was on a holiday for the week end. Mr. Talnet PK, I think bbc.co.uk is not blocking icmp messages. I could successfully ping it from my friend’s house. I tried tracert bbc.co.uk as well. I couldn’t get the route with this command. It just says request timed out. Manish, I tried nslookup, but in vain Collin, When I ping Hilton.com or bbc.co.uk, it is showing me the ip no of the respective website, which means the DNS server is working I guess. It seems that the ICMP packets are being blocked. I turned off my firewall and checked it again. But I can’t get the ICMP packets back. It just says request timed out. I tried pinging the IP nos of Hilton.com and bbc.co.uk. but the result is the same. While searching in the google, on some other forum, I could see some one saying that the ISP could have blocked the ICMP packets in order to give the additional security to my LAN. On the whole I can ping all the systems on my LAN. There are around 10 systemsu on my LAN. I just can’t ping a system outside the LAN, I mean a website on the internet. When I ping I can even get the IP address of that domain, but it just ends up saying request timed out. I can even browse those websites properly. What do you all think. Do u think that it is sensible to say that the ISP might have blocked the pinging of the web? cheers
  11. hi karlopcacon thats a nice attempt. but not the exact answer. in my office, they used to show only the IP address. any how, your post was very informative. indeed i got bginfo on my desktop now. thanks mate. any other suggestions of how we can display the ip no on the desktop throughout the domain?
  12. jdsony

    can't ping

    sorry that i posted in a wrong place. thanks for moving
  13. hello mates, for some reason, i am unable to ping any website. i can open all the websites on my pc, but i just can't ping the website domain names. i tried pinging www.bbc.co.uk and some more sites like that. i can ping, my gateway i could see that my public ip is and i could ping that as well. any suggestions please? cheers jdsony
  14. hello mates, need some favour. i would like to display my company's logo as a wallpaper on each and every system of the companies domain. along with that i need to display the IP number of that particular system on the wallpaper. my systems admin used to do this when i was working at some company and i would like to follow that principle. the beauty in this is, whenever we are stuck with some network problem, the IT dept used to ask the IP no that was displayed on the wallpaper and they would resolve it in seconds. at that time i was really amazed and now i made myself in to MCSE. so i felt its mandatory for me to learn it now. can anybody suggest me how we can do it cheers