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    CCIE Wireless Lab

    Hi kensei, It's been six month now after your last post. Can you please update us about your pursue for CCIE wireless lab exam? We hope you could share some of your experience or give us some head up regarding the lab exam. thanks, Martiusken
  2. Hi Guys, What is the best CCIE Wireless workbook on the market? Found this from google: IPExpert vs Fast Lane Anyone from the group use one of this workbook? Could you share us your experience or your dismay about this books? Or maybe you could point me to a better workbook? Thanks...
  3. MartiuskeN

    CCIE Wireless LAB

    HI Tom, I'm interested to join your group. Could you please let me know the site or how can i join you? Please send all info to this email : wolf20gang@gmail.com and encelanm@btalsaudia.com.sa Thanks, NholS
  4. MartiuskeN

    CCIE - Wireless

    My bad Sirkozz I really did not notice that this is a CWNP forum... Thanks for the input, I'm really currently focus on this certification... yes I have to pass first the CCIE written exam, but since I have some devices with me now. I want to work on hardware during the day @ work (if I have time) and eventually study the written exam 2 hours everynight. Thank you again for the advise eventhough you scared me... "Even the guy @Cisco I know is scared to death of this lab, and he has access to all the hardware!" Hope to bump on you someday... Cheers...
  5. MartiuskeN

    CCIE - Wireless

    Hi Guys, Just 1 exam ill be a CCNP wireless engineer... actually like others after this I will go straight to CCIE. Unfortunately I have no idea what would be the requirements I mean the setup for the lab. My company supports me on this and some of the devices I need for the lab I already had it but what I want are examples of lad exams for wireless. I would appreciate to those who'd taken the lab (failed or passed) if you could just give us an idea about the topology, the setup of the lab or what should I focus for the exam. Some says that they failed because of the QOS questions but passed on setup and troubleshooting. Can anyone share there experience during the test? Thanks in advance!!! Cheers, NholS