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  1. cooolbabyy

    CCNP Course

    Hi All, With the difference of curriculum between old and new CCNP track.I think new CCNP track is going to be tough to crack the exam.If u r going to take Route or Switch exam which one would u like to take,old one or new one??what important topics covered in new one and what topics left from old one? r we going to learn new things from new curriculum or r we goin going to miss some important topics in old one.Couple of weeks ago i passed my CCNA exam and am confused to go ahead (old or new track?).I think i should wait for couple of months for New CCNP track to release and in meantime i should go for MCSE because i have no knowledge in windows side.u must have knowledge in all side right? even though u wavt to pursue the career in networking side.What u guys think? reply me.If i go ahead with old track before july 31 i believe i could complete one exam either BCMSN or BSCI.Which one would u suggest for because the first cert must help to get second one.And also Whats the better way to take MCSE? after CCNA or after CCNP? I think i am so confused and messed up the things.... Anyway reply me. Thanks in Advance.
  2. mcse or ccnp??am ccna now

  3. cooolbabyy

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    I almost waited a month. I think its total waste to wait further. am going to schedule my exam
  4. cooolbabyy

    Discount Vouchers For All Country

    Hi all, will cisco announce any offer for cert exams in regard of Christmas or new year eve ,am planning to schedule my ccna.i wonder whether they 'll offer any free second shot for cert exam or discount for exam price.as u probably know microsoft announced 25% discount on exam price for their cert exam. So s that wise option to wait for any announcement or i should schedule..? help me in this, Thanks, Suresh
  5. cooolbabyy

    Any Tamil ppl here?

    Thamizhan endru sollae da thalai nimirnthu nillada........Tamil rocks
  6. cooolbabyy

    What is the correct approach to troubleshoot?

    Hi Troy Testdude, is not saying ICMP will not fall on layer 3. He is trying to say that, it depends upon ur ping if u ping within INTRANET then there is no role for layer 3 and ARP only plays major role which acts on layer 2, and if u ping outside the network (INTERNET)then layer 3 plays major role.its not just a matter of admit the wrong.he portrays what he believe. there is nothing wrong in it.if u didnt accept his reply go ahead and prove him wrong with ur knowledge not with your language.
  7. cooolbabyy

    which router u would recommend in d-link or cisco?

    My budget is 500 to 750$ .. i need atleast 500 concurrent users I read d- link 1705 has the capability of only 300 concurrent users wat about cisco 800 series and other d- link series..?suggestion plzzzzzz
  8. cooolbabyy

    which router u would recommend in d-link or cisco?

    Thanks for all your replies, yeah i can consider cisco 800 series router but the thing is its for small offices only, My need is i have to give internet facility to the college thru router(by Dynamic NAT with overload) for more than 500 systems ,My question is, Is it possible to give thru tat 800 series router or i have to go for higher range.?or if u suggest in D-link means which model u suggest? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi all, which router u would recommend , d-link or cisco just to provide internet access to organisation with help of PAT , first priority given to minimum prize and also tell me the model number..
  10. cooolbabyy

    Think the CCIE is Cisco's highest cert?

    Hi testdude , I think ,the prerequisite for CCA is CCDE only see the below link http://www.cisco.com/web/learning/le3/cisco_certified_architect/index.html
  11. cooolbabyy

    How to secure wireless network

    Hi all, I am having wi fi device in my college and i done all the security in that device like dhcp disable, wpa etc, but the thing is when i give password to particular student, they tell it to others who must not access the internet, i dont want to bind the mac address in the device, i want some other solution to secure....?? like thru server or something like that..?
  12. cooolbabyy

    How to reset prolinq access point ..?

    Hi all, I have prolinq access point but unlike other access point it doesnt have reset button . I think i need to login and then reset. but my worse i dont know ip address , username and password... :wacko: guys is there any way to reset..?
  13. cooolbabyy

    password reset or recovery..?

    Yeah u r right reset is the last option one should ever choose,but like cisco ,arlotto doesnt have any password recovery procedure,so no choice. u have to go for it.
  14. cooolbabyy

    password reset or recovery..?

    Thank u guys for all your replies, I contacted directly arlotto support team( HQ:taiwan country) and got perfect reply from them through mail. I reset the router to the factory default.And now its working perfectly.
  15. cooolbabyy

    password reset or recovery..?

    guys its urgent.. plz reply anyone.......