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  1. 3) No, it doesn't matter what subnet is configured in different vlan or on a single switch, arp request won't leave that L2 domain so no icmp reply.
  2. I am interested for switching
  3. E1 = Cost of path + Metric(Cost, that is used in redistribution) E2 = Metric Same with N1,N2 Only difference is that N represent redistributed route those crossed Stub area.
  4. Dot1Q Tunnel can pass L2 information between remote tunnel ends.
  5. Really nice one :)
  6. AMD Phenom + 8GB DDR3 30+ Routers wouldn't be a problem if GNS can handle. Thanks
  7. Next hop is not accessible for R1 from R2 and vice versa. When you apply next-hop-self on R1, R2 is getting route with a valid next-hop and better Local pref, so R2 stop advertising that route to R1, because R1 is the next-hop to reach those prefix. Thanks
  8. Well done Guys..... Its good to be here at this movement. Learning n helping each other is something that keep us growing. Thanks FS(to give us such a nice platform) and every member of this forum.
  9. Distribute list used to filter routing updates based on matching criteria and direction or based on advertising router in that admin domain.
  10. Stranded ACL use Source To/Or Destination address to match a packet. Extended ACL can use Source/Destination address or port number to match a packet.
  11. Metric is mandatory for RIP and EIGRP when redistributing. Without metric Redistribution will not happen. default-metric command also can be used for setting a default metric, that is going to be used everytime for Redistribution.
  12. Cisco is moving Universe-CD to Product/Technology Support section. Use this one Other links for AAA and PPP HTH
  13. Check port configuration on both side. Is L2 status is UP ? If Yes, Check CDP Neighbors. Is this is new device in network or already exist?
  14. Yes, All IPv4 traffic.
  15. A is only correct answer Let me explain it segment A: 280 host so range will be segment B: host, segment C: host, segment D: host,