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  1. vijay_poonia

    Vlan question

    3) No, it doesn't matter what subnet is configured in different vlan or on a single switch, arp request won't leave that L2 domain so no icmp reply.
  2. vijay_poonia

    Rack Rentals - CCNA/CCNP/CCIE RS/Security/Wireless/Voice

    I am interested for switching
  3. E1 = Cost of path + Metric(Cost, that is used in redistribution) E2 = Metric Same with N1,N2 Only difference is that N represent redistributed route those crossed Stub area.
  4. vijay_poonia

    CDP infomartion from not directly connected device.

    Dot1Q Tunnel can pass L2 information between remote tunnel ends.
  5. vijay_poonia

    How the Internet began.

    Really nice one :)
  6. vijay_poonia

    sprincy i want to buy a new Quad processer

    AMD Phenom + 8GB DDR3 30+ Routers wouldn't be a problem if GNS can handle. Thanks
  7. vijay_poonia

    iBGP nex-hop-self and a route-map

    Next hop is not accessible for R1 from R2 and vice versa. When you apply next-hop-self on R1, R2 is getting route with a valid next-hop and better Local pref, so R2 stop advertising that route to R1, because R1 is the next-hop to reach those prefix. Thanks
  8. vijay_poonia

    Hitted 200000 members

    Well done Guys..... Its good to be here at this movement. Learning n helping each other is something that keep us growing. Thanks FS(to give us such a nice platform) and every member of this forum.
  9. vijay_poonia

    Routing issue

    Distribute list used to filter routing updates based on matching criteria and direction or based on advertising router in that admin domain.
  10. vijay_poonia


    Stranded ACL use Source To/Or Destination address to match a packet. Extended ACL can use Source/Destination address or port number to match a packet.
  11. vijay_poonia

    2 routing protocols on one router

    Metric is mandatory for RIP and EIGRP when redistributing. Without metric Redistribution will not happen. default-metric command also can be used for setting a default metric, that is going to be used everytime for Redistribution.
  12. vijay_poonia

    Cisco Doc Search PPP Authentication

    Cisco is moving Universe-CD to Product/Technology Support section. http://www.cisco.com/univercd/home/home.htm Use this one http://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/psa/configure.html Other links for AAA and PPP http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/11_2/wan/command/reference/4rppp.html http://www.iphelp.ru/faq/29/cisconut2-CHP-17.html#cisconut2-CHP-17 HTH
  13. vijay_poonia

    Unable to get DHCP Address from Cisco Catalyst 3350 Switch.

    Check port configuration on both side. Is L2 status is UP ? If Yes, Check CDP Neighbors. Is this is new device in network or already exist?
  14. vijay_poonia

    QoS Classification Question

    Yes, All IPv4 traffic.