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  1. Hi i have been practically networking for nearly year but i dont no theoritically. Ive read there are 3 classess of ip which can be used in LAN. Class A, B & C. 3 PCs According what i read, in Class A the first part is network id, the second, third and fourth part is host id. Now in the above assigned ips why only first two can communicate, why the first two cannot communicate/ping with the third one.
  2. Can somebody please recommend me the good and easy gif creator software for the website.
  3. I will be helping a friend who works for one small charity organisation. Their aim is to teach local old people computers lesson. They currently have p2p network of 15 win2k clients . My friend is planning to: *Remove windows 2000 & install fresh copy of Windows xp in this 15 clients. *Setup windows 2003 server *Setup Domain based network. One thing striking in my mind is: What to do with the Winxp firewall? Does it needs to be enabled/disabled? By enabling, will it give any problems/restriction on access? Is there any things/tips i need to keep in mind when setting up win2003 network with Winxp clients? (i have been working with the LAN with win2k adv server & win2k prof clients, so no experience with networking xp clients)
  4. Here the users will be accessing intranet page from outside the office. Point 2: Some domain hosting company charges for setting up subdomains like mail.xyz.com. So ive told him to makes sure of this. Point 3: is just a general answer i.e. pointing xyz.com to the his company's exchange/iis server.
  5. A friend of mine asked me followings: "Im going to buy domain name for the purpose of hosting our company's Intranet Site & Exchange Server for mail purpose. What are the things i have to look for?" I replied: Make sure the domain name hosting company: 1. Allows you to setup MX & A record. 2. Setup subdomains. 3. Allows your domain names to point any static IP address or hostname. 4. Has web based control panel. Make sure they dont charge extra to do the above tasks. There are several hosting company who does. Thats all i know. If you people know any others things to keep in mind before buying domain name, please can you put it forward here........ We will be greatful.
  6. What do the users from home need to type in their browser to access the email? Here in LAN they type http:\\exchange_server's ip\exchange to access email.
  7. I have a LAN with followings: 1 Windows 2000 Server (DC, DNS for domain eutc.com) 1 Windows 2000 Server (IIS) 1 Windows 2000 Server with Firewall installed (has 2 NIC, once connected to LAN and other connected to internet) 20 Windows 2000 Prof Clients Im planning to install exchange server 2003 in new windows 2000 server computer. All the users will be given a email accounts based on the user account created in Domain Controller. IIS server hosts a intranet site. Users are accessing this intranet site from LAN and aswell from home. Followings are the things i want to do: All the users should be able to access the email from home. How can i do it? I have setuped exchange before for LAN purpose only, so if somebody please help me.
  8. Thanks vmuch. Problem sorted. It was disabled in the services.
  9. I have LAN with some win2k prof clients and 1 win2003 server.I have Exchange 2003 running in the machine with windows server 2003. From client i can type the http://server/exchange to access the webmail. I tried to setup outlook express in clients to access the email it didnt worked. I checked in the server's Exchange System Manager -->Servers-->Protocols, there is red cross in Pop3; IMAP4, NNTP except in SMTP. I tried to start POP3 after couple of second it displays error messages saying: "The service didnot resond to the start or control request in a timely fashion. Check the windows event viewer for details." I cannot start any of them i.e. POP3, IMAP4, NNTP. Can somebody please guide me where im making a mistake.
  10. LAN Details 1 Windows 2000 Server DC 1 Windows 2000 Member Server 20 Windows 2000 Prof Clients All clients has 20gb HD with 3 partitions. Ive created and saved the ghost image of C: drive of the clients in the Member Server's shared folder. I use network boot disk to restore the image by accessing the shared folder where image was saved. Ive heard that if i add a ghost command line switch to the network boot disks batch file it will auto restore the image. I dont no how the cmd switch works, i checked the manual and tried this line. ghost.exe -clone,mode=restore,src=image_c.GHO,dst=1:1 -sure Now after the restore i can see that all the partitions of the clients has been deleted. It has restored as whole 20gb as 1 partition. Anybody there using this Autorestore method with cmd switches please help me....will be greatful.
  11. What about security? I dont want to assign them Adminstrator? Can power users: uninstall software? change network settings i.e. ipadd; computer name?
  12. I admin windows 2000 LAN with windows 2000 servers and professionals for the small private college. All users has domain users. There are some programming students who use visual basic. When they tried to add components in the visual basic, the program shuts i.e they cannot add the components at all. Administrator can add components without any problems. Can anybody suggest me the solution for this problem?
  13. I have a LAN with windows 2000 server and windows 2000 prof clients. All clients has McAfee VirusScan 10.0 installed. I have assigned a logon script (.vbs file) for the users's ou which adds printers and maps home folders. When users loggin, a MCAFEE pop-up box appears displaying suspected scripts and it gives options of Stop this script Allow all scripts this time every time users has to click on allow all scripts this time. Is there anyway that i can add the script file to be trusted or something like that. Anybody using MCAFEE VIRUSSCAN 10.0. Please help me, will be greatful.