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  1. momen46

    How to Auto-Answer ATA186

    Its ok now , done Thank you anyways
  2. Hi there I've an Analog phone connected to an ATA186 on CUCM 8.5 and working just fine , is it possible to configure the ATA to auto-answer and connect it to speakers or some cheap Amps ( using a custom cable ) instead of the Analog phone inorder to use it as a paging sys ? thank you
  3. Hi there I'm using Cisco CUCM 8.6 and Cisco Unity 8 , is there a way to configure an Alarm on phones to ring on a specific time , something like meeting reminder and so Thank you
  4. Lol , i didn't ask you to do the work for me and i wouldn't , i need to learn too , i asked for a step by step GUIDE if its out there , your 1st reply wasn't clear for me as i'm not experienced with cisco voice yet thats all anyway i'll check that link thanks for your time
  5. Thanks for your reply Chrcel, but i still donno how to do it , its my first time to configure it and i donno what are the requirements , how can i do the VXML script , thats why i asked for a step by step , so if there are many ways to do it then i'm looking for a simple one. Thanks
  6. Hi there , I'm working on a project where i'm using CUCM 8.5 , and i need to know how to configure an Auto attendant ( STEP BY STEP ) or any guide that might help me to complete the setup . when someone call the company the auto attendant should reply " Welcome to companyname Press 1 for .... press 2 for .... etc Thanks
  7. Great , i might need that in the future , we used to use that feature ( Ext to cellular ) in Avaya but the configuration is simple as long as you have the license for that feature
  8. Oh, that was too easy , lol , thanks guys
  9. Hi there , I'm running CME 4.1 in a lab setup , FXO port is configured for incomming and outgoing calls now i want to configure an extension for remote coverage , when someone dial the ext number and no one answer the call , the call should be forwarded to my cell phone How can i configure that ?
  10. momen46

    CUCM 4.1 To CUCM 8.6

    Thanks guys , ofcourse its always better to start from scratch , but if you have the enough experience which i don't have , but it also might be good to gain the experience , i decided to start from scratch and comparing the old configs with mine as well about the voice mail issue , they don't really care about the saved messages , they just need it up and running and thats all well , i'll share you the updates when i start working on it , oh i miss Avaya :-)
  11. Hi there , Our customer is a big company who is going to upgrade it's voice system from cucm 4.1 to cucm 8.6 they are gonna change everything ( Hardware , software , etc ) , that includes Cisco unity connection as well the existing network is one publisher , one subscriber , one unity and 2811 Voice gateway with 16 FXO ports my question is , as i'm not experienced with CUCM configuration can i take a backup from the old cucm and run it on the new one ? what should i do ? any thing that i have to change to make it work ? in Avaya that is possible with a little changes , but what about cisco ? The new system will be configured off the network and when its ready it'll be kicked into the live network and removing the old one , so i guess that i've the time check everything Thanks
  12. momen46

    Cisco Mobile App

    Everything is working alhamdulillah , thank you so much for your help
  13. momen46

    Cisco Mobile App

    It's working now on my laptop , it seems to be a Mac-address issue i've registered using cisco ip communicator softphone , and i found out that the registered mac-address is not my wifi's adabter mac all i had to do is to copy it and put it in the voice registerer pool and its working now now i guess that all what is left to get my iphone mac address Thanks for your help
  14. momen46

    Cisco Mobile App

    I did try to exchange the usernames , but the same result my running CME is 4.3 , not 7.1 , could that be an issue could it be a SIP license issue ? do i need a license to run it internaly ? and how can i check my license ? Sorry for bothering you with too many questions :-) Thanks for ur help
  15. momen46

    Cisco Mobile App

    Thanks for ur reply , I did follow your configurations , but i didn't work , it seems that my iphone and laptop ( using Media-5 and 3cx phone ) are not able to register CME-Voice#show voice register pool attempted-registrations Phones that have attempted registrations and have failed: MAC address: IP address : Attempts : 80 Time of first attempt : *08:56:52.771 UTC Wed Jan 4 2012 Time of latest attempt: *09:00:15.463 UTC Wed Jan 4 2012 Reason for failure : Unauthorized registration request MAC address: IP address : Attempts : 4 Time of first attempt : *09:05:15.447 UTC Wed Jan 4 2012 Time of latest attempt: *09:05:42.259 UTC Wed Jan 4 2012 Reason for failure : Unauthorized registration request i'm using id mac as my wifi mac-address , correct me if i'm wrong i don't understand the command " create profile sync 0002171550653453 " as well Thanks