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  1. martinlo

    Best book for CCDA?

    start with both books from cisco press or at least one from fundamental series. plus some videos
  2. martinlo

    F5 101 and 201 Dumps or test papers

    we no longer support sharing illegal stuff, sorry
  3. did u check hp site? they have many forums and FAQ, updates. anyway, does it work ok w/o network cable? if so, upgrade firmware, check ip settings, ip address.
  4. martinlo

    CCIE Lab 2015 - by Darby Weaver

    Welcome back !!!
  5. martinlo

    subnet mask and ip addressing

    search you tube for learning videos; ccna books from cisco press also help; learn basics first, classes their ranges and default masks.
  6. martinlo

    looking for Ebook for CCNP Tshoot test 300-135

    sorry, we do not promote illegal sharing here any longer. btw. is the new book out now?
  7. we are no longer allow sharing those here;
  8. martinlo

    cisco 300-115 switch study guide

    for book, go to cisco press store
  9. martinlo

    Question about SIMULATION

    Yes to 1 and 2, not sure about 3 but if u can use tab then no need for shortcut. I guess some shortcut are ok
  10. did u set up level 12? by default only 2 are set: User EXEC mode commands are privilege level 1. Privileged EXEC mode and configuration mode commands are privilege level 15. if u want use levels other than that, u must set them up: i.e: privilege configure all level 3 interface privilege exec level 3 configure terminal privilege exec level 3 configure
  11. martinlo

    Professional or Associate exams to maintain CCNP

    You must finish within 3 years of taking/passing 1st exam. so CCNP is 3-exam cert. it means to get CCNP cert, you must take all 3 exams within 3 years of each others. you must be certify within 3 years. certifications are valid for 3 years. to re-new one must pass 1 exam from same level cert or ccie written. not that bad, CCNP Security or Voice are 5-exam cert. all 5 exams must be taken within 3 years of each others.
  12. martinlo

    Selling 2000 INE rack rentals tokens

    got 250 INE tokens for sale now, more soon; price $150
  13. martinlo


    well, congrats on passing written and good luck for practical one.
  14. martinlo

    ccie security switch 3750x vs 3750

    since u doing Security track; i would look into rent-a-rack for those features that are not supported by c3560. .