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  1. FS

    Laptop HDD wd 500gb not detecting by OS

    I second to what Darby has suggested, if it is making noises, then it is mechanics. Depending on how these data are important, you may cash out for exactly the same drive, and move the actual magnetic unit that stores your data to the working one. how old is the drive? do similar ones still sell?
  2. FS

    The Hard Drive You've Been Waiting For

    10MB is a bargain! Only few hundreds more and you get double the space.
  3. FS

    The Game of Thrones - IT Version

    If I had to picture you Darby, you would be sitting like that on top of the stacked switches
  4. FS

    Amazon is hiring

    With AWS in particular, last year I was approached by their HR enquiring if I was interested in one of the roles in their cloud support division. I decided to give it a go to see where it takes me. Oddly enough the hardest thing was not to go through all tech and leadership interviews, which I found quite entertaining and well constructed, but actual background check. The amount of papers and evidence they want you to represent during background check is enormous, the hardest part was doing all this while i was overseas on vacation. Just bg check alone took about 5 weeks. Anyway, 4-5 months down the track I was told that they decided to hire me, only to offer 20% less of what i was already on. It was quite disappointing as after all of the efforts I was already taking the job seriously, especially that I told them already what i was on. Oh well, good interview experience though, not so much dealing with their HR Good luck to all who is energetic and gets excited when there is plenty to do and learn.
  5. FS

    Any way I can use to get my photos back?

    when you deleted them from the camera, did you delete them from a removable SD or the internal memory? In first case there are tools to recover it from SD card. I've been in your situation last year and I can feel your pain.
  6. hm, 120 from 200 is not quite 50%, isn't it ?
  7. Someone may correct me, but you won't be able to move VM while they are running, unless they are in a cluster and you can live-migrate them, If you are required to move them from one storage to another, then I am afraid you will have to shutdown vms to move all files across.
  8. FS

    Sadikhov Group on Facebook

    Hi, Thanks for reporting this. I clean up spamming posts weekly. If you notice spam messages on the facebook, please report those posts. I also review all new members manually before adding them to the group. Thanks again for helping. FS
  9. FS

    Hi friends!

    g'day mate! glad to see you back! So happy to see your life developing so quickly
  10. I was just looking at getting one of these devices and see if they can make a nice htpc or an IPTV box http://australia.rs-online.com/web/generalDisplay.html?id=raspberrypi&cm_mmc=Offline-Referral-_-Electronics-_-RaspberryPi-201203-_-World-Selector-Page
  11. FS

    ASA Failover:

    speaking about asa failover, is there a special license required to be purchased to do this? we have one 5510 already in place and thinking on getting a second unit to build a failover scenario.
  12. FS

    Is anyone tidying up spam on this site?

    ok, both issues have been sorted out. Spam prevention service has been reactivated.
  13. FS

    Is anyone tidying up spam on this site?

    I have discovered another issue with the forum software provider that most likely impacts the spam protection service. I have raised this issue with them, hopefully they sort it asap.
  14. FS

    Is anyone tidying up spam on this site?

    Ok, upgrade done. Let me know if there are any problems, i might add some extra security verification for all new accounts. Mark, nice avatar!
  15. FS

    Is anyone tidying up spam on this site?

    I am going to apply an update, which should keep the bastards away from the site.